Microwave Dulce De Leche

"I went looking for a microwave version of Dulce de Leche - cause the whole idea of cooking a can for hours kind of freaks me out - mine would explode : ) This is can be used as topping or filling for all kinds of desserts - try it with Recipe #456560"
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Ready In:
1 cup




  • Empty the can into a large (2-1/2 quart or larger) glass bowl, and cover with plastic wrap (cling film), keeping a tiny bit uncovered to prevent excess steam build-up.
  • Microwave on medium power ( level 5 on a 10-level appliance) for 2 minutes. Remove, stir with a wire whisk, and recover. Cook on medium for 2 more minutes. Remove, stir with a whisk, recover.
  • Then, in increments of 2-1/2 minutes, cook (on medium power) for another 10 minutes, stirring between each interval. After the first two stirs, you'll notice that the milk bubbles and foams up as it expels moisture. Then, with each stirring, the milk will be thicker and more caramel colored.
  • If after the 10 minutes, you like the color and consistency, stop! If you'd like a thicker sauce, continue cooking in 1-minute increments for another 2-3 minutes.
  • Remove from the microwave, and let cool before packing in a glass jar, or use right away to fill Alfajores or as a topping for ice cream.
  • NOTE Food,com doesn't allow you to have only one ingredient so I had to add another. Everyone like salst with caramel these days so just for fun you coud add a pinch to what ever your putting the Dulce de Leche in - but it's really not needed!

Questions & Replies

  1. What is the best way to store this? I'm concerned it will harden too much in the refrigerator...
  2. This didn't work for me. Definitely took longer than the timeframe in recipe- not sure if this is because of my microwave. But also after getting the right consistency and colour when it cooled it became hard so not able to pipe into alfajores. put it back into the microwave for a couple minutes again but gave up after that.
  3. What exactly is meant by 2 1/2 minute increments for 10 mins ?.. it's not 2 1/2 mins four times so what would be durations .. ?


  1. The canned stuff worries me too - maybe we will all be killed by caramel coated shrapnel. This is good, but not as good as the canned kind. I used it in a recipe that called for melted caramels and it turned out fine.
  2. Once I figured out how to cook this due to my microwave and dish, it turned out GREAT. I only had a 2 quart glass dish, so I had to stop the microwave every 30 seconds and stir after I cooked it the first 2-1/2 minutes. I don't know if I even made it the full 10 minutes (or if it was more, I lost count) and I had to remove the plastic wrap too because it just got too hot and it started shrinking and causing a mess. But the outcome was VERY GOOD! I loved the idea that I could make this in the microwave (I did use the 5 power setting). Thanks for a great recipe I will definitely be using again...for many things!
  3. This was so simple to make and tasted very good. I did not add the salt so tasting it with the salt will give me a reason to make it again. :) It was one hundred degrees yesterday so I topped some vanilla bean ice cream with it for a quick cooling treat. Made and reviewed for Susie D's World Tour.
  4. Had a couple problems--including the plastic becoming too hot, and not using a big enough bowl and causing the milk to spill--but after figuring those things out I got the end product.<br/><br/>I had to add some liquid (warmed milk) back into the cooked condensed milk near the last few intervals, for it seemed to be losing too much moisture. Luckily it worked. <br/><br/>Thanks for recipe--beats waiting for dulce de leche in the can or oven methods!



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