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"Here's a recipe I have been trying to figure out for a long time. You know that white sauce that they give you along with salsa when you sit down at a Mexican restaurant. This is as close as i could come. I cant help but still feel like its missing "something". So please, feel free to experiment and comment.. PS: It's NOT supposed to be a Cheese sauce at all. They do serve cheese sauces at mexican restaurants, but this particular sauce has no cheese. Anyone who has had it, will know what it is because its so good!"
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  • Mix all ingredients together with wisk or mixer or blender, etc.
  • Best if chilled overnight.
  • Serve with homemade Mexican style tortilla chips.
  • Note: You may need to experiment with the spices to your own taste. Also, you may like to add more or less ranch dressing to taste, and also more or less milk to the consistency you like. Start out with less, then taste and add as you like. Most Mexican restaurants I've been to are different with the white sauce.
  • I have also added sour cream to this recipe and it also does well.
  • Please, if anyone finds a better way or something to add or subtract, please comment and note it!

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  1. I had everything but the cream. I used cold stone sweet cream coffe creamer and about a spoonful of sugar, I think it was on point
  2. Great starter recipe, thank you! Putting in the fridge overnight and blending is a must if you don't want those large red pepper flakes in it. I think I would cut the cumin in half next time to maintain the white color, and omit or reduce the black pepper to 1/8tsp. I followed it exactly and it still tasted amazing but would make those minor changes in the future. Thank you
  3. I made the Mexican white sauce and I think it's better than what I have had at any restaurant.
  4. Okay, so I grew up in Virginia Beach and EVERY Mexican restaurant brings out white dip with the salsa. We call it "The Spicy Mayonnaise." My son and I have Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance) so we can't go to the Mexican restaurants anymore as there is too much cross contamination. But my son loved the white dip, so I am trying to replicate it at home. This dip was really close. I am used to the white dip having a more ranchy taste than a Miracle Whippy taste so I increased the ranch so it was a cup of each. I also increased the amount of cayenne & red pepper (I even threw in a dash of black pepper) as we like ours zippy. I substituted a splash of regular milk for the cream as I don't usually keep cream in the house. And I upped the onion powder to a 1/2 tsp. It ended up making a literal vat of dip. So I'm going to give half to some friends. :o) Happy Dipping!
  5. I haven't tried this yet, but I agree with a couple reviewers about only finding it in Virginia. When I lived in Virginia beach 15 years ago I would inhale this sauce every time I went to a Mexican eatery. I have asked local restaurants here in NJ/PA to no avail. I just went to a Mexican restaurant in Richmond, VA and I actually did a happy dance when they brought white sauce to the table. I can't believe it took me 15 years to Google it, granted Google wasn't the Google it is today! Can't wait to try the recipe!


  1. I tried your recipe hoping to duplicate a white sauce I've had before at a couple of small-town Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma. The version I've had is very white with a few pale orange and green flecks in it. I thought it had ranch in it, which is why I tried your recipe. I did, however, make a couple of modifications: I left out the cumin because I thought that would change the color of the dip too much. I also substituted sour cream for half of the Miracle Whip, and the taste of Miracle Whip was still too strong for me. The overall flavor was similar to the white dip I've had before, but not close enough for me to make this recipe as-is again. My mom liked it but said it didn't taste the same as the restaurant version. Thanks for posting :)


I am a 22 year old married to a wonderful man and mother of 1. He was born June of 2007, and his name is Noah Aidan! I LOVE this site and there are SO many helpful recipes here! I am in the process of trying to convert all of my recipes from caned/boxed stuff into made from scratch recipes. And this site is my STAPLE for doing so! Im just trying to make everything more healthy for my family and I. We eat about 95% organic food. So the problem with buying even canned organic foods, is that they still tend to contain somethings like "yeast extract" which is just another form of MSG. Also, I would like to add that I am not a doctor (alot of people see the dr_kaley and think so), but I AM currently working toward my Master Herbalist degree. I do alot with herbs and the only medicines we use, are herbal. I even make alot of my own herbal medicines.
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