Maroulosalata (Lettuce Salad)

"I love and eat lettuce so much that in Greek everybody calls me "katsika" or female goat. Girls, eat this to maintain your figure and who cares if they call you a female goat cause you're ingesting this, at least they're not calling you that other female creature name that most of us get pinned with. Hmph. Oh, and note to non-Hellenes: Do not RIP or HALVE your head of lettuce and serve it like that. It doesn't fit in your mouth like that unless your Mr.Jagger! You have to finely slice it. Sorry to sound like a snot rag, but I hate ordering salads here because the lettuce is cut so big, the dressing splatters into my eye as I'm chewing, and ugh disaster. Cut your lettuce so it takes on an almost "shredded" look--Please."
Maroulosalata (Lettuce Salad) created by Parsley
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  • Nicely chop your lettuce as described in my complaint above.
  • Make sure your lettuce is clean and devoid of any 6-legged creatures a.k.a "insects" that might pass as a piece of oregano.
  • You may slice your scallions on a bias if you want to give the salad a gourmet flair.
  • Slice your cucumber and pray that the seeds are not to ginormous. If they are, save this cucumber for tzatziki and try to find a nicer one with small seeds.
  • Chop your dill.
  • Place all ingredients in a bowl and toss.
  • For the dressing just whisk and then dress the salad evenly coating the lettuce leaves.
  • Add more dressing if desired.

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  1. Parsley
    Maroulosalata (Lettuce Salad) Created by Parsley
  2. Parsley
    Simple, light and fresh-tasting. I made this as written but halved the amount of olive oil. I loved the simple lemon and dill flavors. This is perfect as a starter or side salad. I think I may even sprinkle with some feta cheese next time. Thanx for posting!
  3. Marla Swoffer
    Great salad! I didn't have fresh so I used dried dill. I also used a little more olive oil. I wanted it to be a main dish, so I added a can of tuna and some black olives. My husband really liked how fresh it tasted, but we both thought it could use a little vinegar so next time I'll use half lemon juice, half vinegar.
  4. iLuv2cook 2
    Maroulosalata (Lettuce Salad) Created by iLuv2cook 2
  5. iLuv2cook 2
    EXCEllENT Maroulosalata! We enjoyed this as it was so refreshing as a side to our fakes soup. BRAVO Chef Kefalonitissa!



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