Low Carb Flat Bread

"Made with soy flour. 2-3 net carbs per slice 3-4 inches in diameter. Serve warm or room temperature within 1 hour. Dough will keep in refrigerator for up to one week."
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Ready In:
8 Slices




  • Sift baking powder, salt, onion or garlic powder and soy flour in mixer with dough attachment.
  • Mix on low 3-4 minutes. Drizzle in warm water until mixture is sticky.
  • Scrape dough out of mixing bowl.
  • With well soy floured fingers, roll dough into ball.
  • Pinch off half-dollar size balls of dough.
  • Form into 4 inch diameter rounds and fry in olive oil in cast iron pan over medium heat.

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  1. American lost in Be
    Juat what I was looking for! Added some coriander and had wonderful naan bread with my curry! Thanks!
  2. halldanelle_10432793
    Very tasty! To clarify a couple of things for the new user....I learned this by trial and error this morning....1) You can make this without a machine with a paddle. I mixed for about 4 minutes using a stiff spatula, so use your imagination. 2) I used stone ground soy flour (it's what I happened to have on hand) - a little chewier than finer ground, but it worked, 3) KEEP YOUR FINGERS MASSIVELY FLOURED - this is super sticky. You don't have to handle it a LOT, but you'll be washing your hands a lot otherwise. If your hands get sticky, it doesn't work to just re-flour your hands - the dough just sticks more. 4) I used a full cup of oil, it didn't cover the full bottom of the pan, 5) I put the small dough ball in pan and flattened it with a floured spatula, or try your fingers. It saved me a lot of dough. Flatten it to about 1/8 or 1/4 inch, the thinner you can get it the better you might like it, otherwise it's about the thickness/density of a crispy pancake. <br/><br/>I hope this helps you. It has a really nice texture, reminds me of an oven biscuit. I used onion powder, but I think it might even work with a sweeter product like vanilla powder or cinnamon. I wonder what vanilla extract might do...? This is one that can be experimented with, for sure. Don't be afraid of the stickiness, it's nothing water can't be fixed with soap and water.
  3. vsokolova
    The flavor was fine--I added chives to mine--but it was much too oily for my tastes. The next time I make flat bread it's back to the oven.



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