Lemon Roast Chicken and Potatoes

Recipe by MarieRynr
READY IN: 2hrs 15mins




  • Pre-heat the oven to 180*C/350*F.
  • Halve the potatoes lengthwise and then cut them into three or four wedges, so that they look like chips. I used Charlotte fingerling potatoes and they were perfect, cut into quarters.
  • Throw these into a shallow roaster along with the onion wedges and the chicken.
  • Mix together the mustard, lemon juice, oregano (or thyme) and olive oil to make a marinade.
  • Pour over the chicken, potatoes and onions. Add the bay leaves and garlic.
  • Season with salt and pepper (remembering the inside of the chicken as well as the outside)
  • Rub the marinade in all over the surface of the chicken and shuffling the potatoes and onions around so that they are well coated.
  • Put the reserved lemon halves inside the chicken.
  • Gently pour a cup of warm water into the pan, being careful not to wash any of the marinade off of the chicken or potatoes.
  • Roast for one hour. At this point the chicken should be starting to brown.
  • Pour the wine over the top and turn the potatoes and onions.
  • Roast for another hour, turning the chicken when it is well browned on top. Check that the potatoes are still in a little liquid, you don’t want them to go dry. If they seem a bit dry add a little more hot water.
  • When it is done the chicken will be golden brown and juicy and cooked through and the potatoes will be meltingly tender, with a few crisp edges. There should be a little sauce left in the roaster to serve spooned over the chicken and potatoes, but if there isn’t just add a bit of hot water to the dish and scrape up the tasty bits from the bottom to make more sauce.
  • Serve to a very lucky family that will be scrambling for more! If this doesn’t soon become your favourite way to roast chicken I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!