Lazy Day Pot Roast

"I hesitated to add this recipe because it is so very easy it is hardly a recipe. It is also delicious so I decided to share it. Perfect fall/winter recipe. If you like pot roast I'd be very surprised if you don't enjoy this method of cooking. I've had this recipe for many many years - not sure of the origin. Simple can be good - very good."
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photo by lazyme
Ready In:
5hrs 4mins




  • Wrap tightly in aluminum foil after salting and peppering to your taste. Make sure you have this on a pan the will catch any seeping juices.
  • Put in a preheated 250 degree oven and bake for 5-6 hours. Turns out beautifully with enough natural juices to make gravy if desired.

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  1. This makes a perfect pot roast. Instead of aluminum foil I used a dutch oven. Nice, slightly crusty outside. Truly tender inside. Great juices. Easy, no fuss great on a cold day to keep kitchen warm.
  2. This is also a great summer recipe. I throw on my gas grill set at about 250. We have a delicious roast with plenty of gravy and the kitchen doesn't get heated up.
  3. Perfectly cooked roast - tender and moist. I made gravy with the delicious juice. Used the leftovers to make hot roast beef sandwiches. Made for Fall 2012 Pick A Chef.
  4. I am very happy that you did decide to post this "recipe". This roast was moist and tender! I would never have thought to wrap the roast in foil. I think the foil and the 250 degree cook temp are the secrets here. I included some red potatoes and put the wrapped roast on top of them. I worried that they might not cook through at 250 deg., but they were perfect! Would have included carrots but didn't have any. Will try again and include the carrots, too. I have used the Zaar for years and this recipe is the first one to inspire me to actually write a review. Well done!
  5. I bought a 3.5 pound chuck roast on sale for 7 bucks. I needed a pot roast recipe that didn't call for creamy soups or sodium-laden seasoning mixes. One that had no extra carbs no added salt and no added sugar. Not an easy task but lo and behold I found yours!!!! I really didn't think it would be done even after 6 hours baking at 250 degrees. But it was done in 5. The juices leftover were great all by themselves as an 'au jus'. But you could easily make a creamy gravy out of it if you weren't doing the '6-day Body Makeover'! Yep, I saved it to favorites immediately because this is how I will make pot roast forever. I can't thank you enough for posting this !!


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