Laughing Cow Cheese Harvest Snaps Party Dip

Recipe by Jodi G.
READY IN: 11mins




  • In a medium bowl, unwrap all of the cheese wedges and place them in the bowl. Then, with with an electric mixer, beat all of them, until it becomes a soft, creamy form.
  • Add the milk and sour cream, beat in until it forms a mixture.
  • And now you are going to get you're chives / Scallions, and chop them. And if you want to make them smaller, you could puree them in a food processor. Add to the cheese mixture.
  • And finally, you are to take half of black pepper snap pea crisps from it's original bag to a plastic one, crush them up into crumbs using a coffee mug. Add to the mixture, and you're left with heavenly rippled chip delight!
  • If you want to use other flavors of LCC and HS here are a couple suggestions: Tomato Basil Mozzerella (LCC) and Tomato Basil (HS) (And use some chopped fresh basil) Garlic and Herb (LCC) and Onion Tyme (HS) (Use green onions instead of chives/ Scallions.