K-Jon's Dry Rub Buffalo Wings

"Something a little different"
photo by Bloodyhotwings. photo by Bloodyhotwings.
photo by Bloodyhotwings.
Ready In:
1hr 15mins
6 wings




  • Thoroughly whisk together the dark brown sugar, chili powder, sweet smoked paprika, ground cumin, hot cayenne pepper, ground garlic powder, ground mustard powder, table salt, and black pepper.
  • Evenly coat each chicken wing with the pure vegetable oil.
  • With the dry rub in a shaker evenly coat chicken generously.
  • Evenly coat with the seasonings and save remaining seasoning.
  • Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  • Cook 30-45 minutes or until desired texture is achieved.
  • At about the half way baking marker, sprinkle the remaining seasonings over the top of the baking chicken.

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  1. Not sure what the others are talking about with it needing more salt, if you are using Kosher salt not table salt it's perfect. <br/><br/>These are the best wings I have ever had.
  2. Not bad, but I agree with the other commenter that it needed more salt, maybe even less brown sugar. Also, some onion powder would have helped. The smoked paprika was interesting, I never realized how strong that stuff is.
  3. I wanted to love these, and I'm trying to work out why I didn't. I'm not sure these need cumin. I agree with reviewer who said onion powder would be good. Smoked paprika is strong but gives a kind of barbeque flavor. If I do these again, I may try adding dry ranch dressing mix to tone them down a bit. I'll give a 1/2 star more for it being a non-fried, dry rub recipes as opposed to wet ones.
  4. Excellent flavor on the grill. For run I made the rub as listed, split it in half, and added a ranch dressing mix packet to one. I grilled my wings, turned out fantastic.
  5. I agree with most. Less sugar. I found using the kosher salt, there was enough of that. they taste pretty good, i'd make them again.


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