Jude's Yummy Fudge Recipe (New Zealand)

"A great kiwi friend's Mum's recipe... Oooohhh it's impossible to only have one piece :) I have no idea where she got the recipe, but all the stirring is definitely worth it! Original. boiling time was 8 min, and it *sometimes* wouldn't set, I've increased it to 10 minutes and never had it fail (and I get asked to make this every time there's a family party) Enjoy !"
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Ready In:
1 Slice tray




  • Put all ingredients together in a decent sized pot, stirring ALL THE TIME (mega important) Boil for 10 minutes (yep, still stirring all the time) Mixture should turn a golden brown.
  • Take off the heat and beat with a wooden spoon for a couple of minutes.
  • Pour into a lightly buttered tin, leave to set and cut into squares before it sets totally solid.

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  1. oooh so sweet! They remind me of yemas. Followed directions as is, but mine didn't settle or reach the hard ball stage test so had to boil them again for another 10mins. Outcome: fudgy and sweet. Packaged them in tiny individual wrappers and will share these with our neighbor's kids. Thanks!
  2. Took this to the DS's recreation group today where it was enjoyed though some found it hard - reminded me a lot of a scotch tablet. Thank you Kiwidutch for a lovely recipe. Made for Please Review My Recipe.
  3. I tried this recpie and i wish i could have given it 10 stars it was so good. it all disappered in 2 hours next time im makin a dobble batch!
  4. Unlike Charishma I followed this recipe and it was delicious. How can you only rate it with 3 stars when you changed most of the ingredients!!!!!!!!??? Fudge needs butter & golden syrup NOT honey of course it nearly burnt.If you don't follow it properly then don't rate it if it doens't work!!
  5. I followed the instructions to the letter, boiled it gently for 10 minutes, stirring *all* the time and it's delicious. A creamy golden fudge and it sure disappears quick ! A keeper !


  1. I made this for dessert today. I had alot of problem preventing this from burning while boiling it for the stated time. I boiled this for 8 minutes ONLY. In that time too, this was starting to burn and I had to pass it through a strainer (wire mesh) into the buttered tin. Beating this brought out the golden brown colour most beautifully. I used a combo of golden syrup and honey(more of honey and just a bit of golden syrup) instead of only golden syrup because I had alot of problem squeezing it out of the bottle, and moreover, I wanted to see how honey would make this taste. I substituted the butter with margarine. This pudding, taste-wise, was just about allright. It wasn't as nice as expected.



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