Jordan Almonds - Sugar-Coated Almonds





  • For the fondant:
  • Put the sugar and water into a large saucepan, set it over the fire, and stir until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved; then stop stirring.
  • Wash down the inside of the pan to the syrup’s edge with a small brush dipped in water.
  • When the syrup first boils, add the glucose or the cream of tartar.
  • Continue the boiling without stirring until, when tested in cold water, it forms a soft ball, or registers 240° on the thermometer.
  • Remove from the fire at once, allow to stand for four minutes, or until the air-bubbles have ceased, then pour into a large wet platter, a wet basin, or on a marble slab between candy bars. The syrup should not be deeper than one and a half inches.
  • Set it in a cool place, and when it has cooled down so much you can comfortably bear a finger in the middle of the syrup, begin to cream it with a wooden spoon or a hardwood paddle.
  • Turn the sugar backward and forward, leaving no part untouched, until the whole mass becomes white and opaque.
  • Knead till smooth and free from lumps. Wet and wring a small towel, place it over the fondant, and allow it to remain there for at least one hour. This is called the curing process.
  • Remove the cloth, and knead just as you would bread dough.
  • Keep in an air-tight jar. If left exposed to the air, it will get hard and dry. Small quantities can be taken out and flavored, then colored to form many pleasing effects.
  • The fondant can be colored and flavored while it is warm. (It can be colored cold too, but it's easiest when it's warm.)
  • Covering the almonds:
  • Melt the fondant for covering the almonds.
  • See that the almonds are totally dry after blanching and peeling.
  • Dip them one and one in the melt fondant, pick up with a fork, tap the fork against the edge of the pot and wipe the underside of the excess coating.
  • Put the almonds to dry on wax paper. After about 5 minutes, when the top has hardened, turn the almonds around so that the bottoms may dry.