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"I see there I see there are a lot of jerky recipes here but they all seem to lack on thing to make jerky you have to cure it. This helps flavor and tenderises the meat a little more it also lets you "Jerk" the meat. Jerky is easy to make and the rule is marinaded it like how you like your steak and you should not go wrong."
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  • Now you can cut your meat 1/4 thick or you can get it done by the butcher. Take the meat and place it in a bowl or container with a lid as you are going to add liquid to the meat, salt, sugar and vinegar. Now add the salt and sugar to the meat in the container mix well. You can add more salt or sugar if you like it is based on taste if you like your jerky salty then go with more salt then sugar just say in the 1 1/4 cup area with the dry ingredients. After you mix the dry ingredients add the vinegar to it. The vinegar makes any fat you did not cut off loosen up during the curing possess it also makes it easy to pull or cut the fat off before you dehydrate it. Then fill the container with water use cold water as hot water sometimes cooks the meat a little. Stir up the sugar and salt and place in the refrigerator for about 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours is done take the container empty the cure out of it and if you want wash the meat in cold water to get off any extra cure. Add any type of marinade you would like if you like if you like it on your steak add it to your marinade anything from garlic powder, Worcester sauce, soy sauce, liquid smoke, A1 or even Heinz 57! Add what you'd like and let sit for another 24 hours. After that drain off liquid and add to your smoker, dehydrator or oven.

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