Indian Style Hummus

"A really tasty and exotic party dip. Seriously this dip has so many applications. I like it with pita chips and of course crudites, but I have also used in place of the yolk in a deviled egg or slathered on toast with a slice of avocado...really the possibilities of this hummus are endless. This could be made vegan with olive oil and or firm tofu in place of the dairy. The consistency is a preference, I like it a bit thicker so just keep that in mind if you are altering ingredients."
photo by ConcettaRusso photo by ConcettaRusso
photo by ConcettaRusso
Ready In:
1 pint




  • Cut the tops of the lemons off and a little off the bottom so the lemons can sit upright. Hollow out the lemons and do this is a bowl to reserve the lemon juice. Place the hollowed out lemons in a plastic Ziploc bag and place in the refrigerator.
  • Toast sesame seeds and set aside. Do the same with the cumin seeds or cumin powder and set aside. To toast cumin powder just place in a small frying pan on medium low heat. When it becomes fragrant, add cumin powder to food processor. I used cumin powder and ended using 1 tablespoon, but I really like cumin flavor.
  • In a food processor,place ginger, jalapeno chilies (optional), cream cheese or tofu, and cooked chickpeas. Blend until smooth. If you are using canned chickpeas, make sure to drain well.
  • Stop food processor and add toasted spices, sour cream (omit if making vegan) oil, onion powder and salt. Blend well. If sour cream was omitted, test consistency and add more oil if it is too thick. The consistency is up to your preference.
  • Once incorporated, add desired amount of lemon juice, but be careful as the mixture can get too runny. Add salt to season.
  • Remove hollowed out lemons from fridge and pipe in the mixture and place filled lemons on a plate.
  • Add garnishes as desired.

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