Homemade Whipped Butter

"This is the method used by restaurants to whip butter to make it easier to spread, and for economical reasons to make butter go a lot further too. You can make it fancy like restaurants do by putting this mixture into a cake decorating tube with a fancy tip and pipe it into small dishes for individual servings. I have even used a plastic bag, cut off the corner, placed a fancy decorating tip in the corner, added the butter mixture and piped it into tiny dishes I got at the dollar store. One for each dinner guest is a nice touch. I store the whipped butter in a glass covered container on the counter top in cooler weather. In warmer weather I store it in the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature before using."
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photo by only1albertina
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  • Beat milk and butter together until light and fluffy.
  • This expands the volume by a third and makes it easier to spread.

Questions & Replies

  1. Since the butter needs to be room temp, does the milk need to be warmer also? I would assume so but wanted to make sure. Thank you for such a simple and economical recipe. Can't wait to try it. As I get older, I adore simple! LOL
  2. Which paddle attachment do you use for this for a kitchenaid mixer? Whisk or beater?
  3. Did you wait until the butter was room temp because I made homemade butter today but I want to turn it in to whipped butter


  1. Yum! I have made this a few times now and like to leave the mixer on a while to make it extra fluffy! I also like to add a few grinds of coarse sea salt or a couple pinches of coarse kosher salt to give it a little extra savory flavor and a crunch here and there just like Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse. So smooth and creamy and I think it's delicious hard or soft, and can be left out overnight.
  2. I have been making my own whipped butter for years. This is Extended Butter! I use my food processor. 1 (one) cup canola oil, add 1 (one) Tsp. liquid lecithin and 5 ounces water (room temp.) Blend then add one pound of sweet or salted butter.( room temp.) This 'butter' stays soft even when cold. Lower in calories and all the taste of butter. Calories; 180 per ounce. We use it all the time.
  3. I knew there was a way to do this. This is a great alternative to soft-spread margarines. No palm oils or hygrogentated fats.
  4. Couldn't be any easier! Be sure to use a large, deep mixing bowl to whip the butter or else the butter will fly all over the kitchen. Why didn't the thought cross my mind before to whip my own butter? Thanks! cg PS> I replaced some of the regular whole milk with half and half! ;)
  5. I love this recipe. I double it by using a pound of butter and 1/2 cup 2% milk. It makes enough for 4 small containers. I take one container out at a time and find it does not need to be refrigerated if used in 2 to 3 days. I was paying over $2.00 for one container of whipped butter in the store.. Now, I can make 4 containers for the price of one.


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