Homemade Pasta Dough

"This is my favorite dry pasta recipe. I got this from a little older Italian Lady that lives across the street. In the winter time, my husband plows her driveway for her and she would always send him home with homemade noodles. I decided to ask her if she would show me how to make it, and, she said gladly. I was surprised at how easy it was. And even easier now that I have a pasta machine, the same one little Rosa suggested I buy. Now my husband comes home with homemade wine after he has plowed the driveway. lol."
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Ready In:
1hr 5mins




  • Place flour in large glass bowl and form a well in the middle.
  • Place remaining ingredients in well.
  • With fork, in a circular motion, stir wet ingredients just around rim of dry ingredients, bringing a little bit of flour into the wet mixture a little at a time until all are mixed together.
  • Pour mixture onto a floured board and knead until tight and glossy. It should be difficult to mix, to a point where no more flour will stay into mixture.
  • Form into a ball and let sit, covered, for 1/2 an hour to an hour.
  • Cut into manageable pieces to fit into pasta machine.
  • Flour pieces as needed, if dough is to sticky it will not go through pasta machine smoothly.
  • Run 3 time through larger slot size, then once through decreasing sizes progressively until desired thickness.
  • Run through pasta cutter of choice then let dry overnight. I lay noodles across a clean broom handle, that I use for this purpose only, placed in between two chairs.
  • Store dried pasta in sealed plastic bags or containers.
  • Cook as needed. Fresh pasta noodles need very little time to cook as compared to store bought pasta noodles.

Questions & Replies

  1. Is it possible to make the dough ahead and freeze it and at what point do I do that. Need spaghetti and prefer to use th3 home pasta recipe and I have @ m Hing. Not sure if freezing is possible. Thkx.!
  2. My eggs are not room temperature can I still make my pasta
  3. Since I am using eggs in my pasta can I bag it or does it needs refrigerated
  4. Since there eggs in noodles can I just dry and bag or do I have to refrigerate
  5. My dough turned out super super sticky, not sure where I went wrong? I followed the directions as best I could but they weren't very detailed in the beginning. Any tips on how to fix that for next time?


  1. This is a wonderful pasta recipe! It is easy as can be to mix up using my Kitchenaid dough hook and is satiny smooth and nice to work with. My family devoured a double recipe, that right there tells me it's worth ten stars!
  2. Fantastic recipe! I sat and made it with my 2 year old daughter this morning, and she is now sitting nicely eating pasta butterflies for lunch. I used a butterfly shaped icing cutter and she thinks they are brilliant... I have just been handed her empty bowl and asked for more flutterbys. Will use this again :D x
  3. Great pasta dough! This came together so easily and made a great fettuccine. I'm sure you can substitute your KitchenAid for the kneading, but I find the kneading to be so relaxing and makes me feel like a "real" cook... LOL! Either way, you won't be disappointed with this recipe. I will admit though, that I used half all-purpose flour and half durum flour. Personally, I think this makes a big difference in any pasta recipe. Thanks for posting!
  4. This is an AMAZING recipe. I have only tried one other pasta recipe and it was GROSS! Thanks so much!
  5. I still have the pasta machine my Mom bought me. It does it all, mixes and extrudes and it takes me longer to clean it than to make the noodles. I made half the recipe and had some chicken stock in the freezer. Made a wonderful pot of homemade chicken noodle soup!! Thanks for sharing Pink Diamond. Made for Newest Zaar Tag.


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