H L's Pure Maine Lobster Stew

"Yes this the purest form of the dish and yes, it is called stew by us. The term bisque is relatively new and no self respecting Mainer would call it anything but lobstah stew! :) I love this as it is so pure allowing the lobster to shine without complications such as sherry and/or spices. Those are good as well and have their place, but not for this stew. You will need a 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 pound Maine lobster. I say this here as I have a feeling that the Zaar computer may have a problem understanding this. This is quick and easy to make and I do mine in a deep skillet. This is not meant to pack a punch or be zipped up. It is meant to allow one to revel in the smooth rich lobster flavor. Done this way, it is an old time classic!"
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  • Cut lobster tail, knuckle and claw meat into pieces. Do not mince or chop finely.
  • Melt butter in a deep skillet or heavy sauce pan and add lobster, sauté 2 minutes on low heat. This will give a bit of pink color.
  • Add half&half and bring up to slight hot bubble.
  • Simmer on low heat 15 minutes stirring occasionally and serve hot.
  • I like a bit of crusty french bread toasted with this. Personally I avoid a salad or have salad after as I don't want dressing and things getting in the way of the flavor.
  • I used to use light cream for this and changed years ago to half and half. This is going to be high calorie either way though you will not eat it daily so don't worry! :).
  • Cooking time does not include boiling the lobster and you want to boil it until just done with no flavorings in the water at all.
  • You will get 4 meal portions or 6 first course servings. It will, however, be calculated based on 4 servings.

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  1. The stars aren't working but I tried to give it 5! This recipe reminds me of the times my Dad and I had Lobster Stew all along the coast of Maine from Booth Bay down to Wells one summer. It never had potatoes in it by the way. Just lobster & cream. I will be making this again to honor and remember him on the one year anniversary of his passing next week. Thanks for bringing back the memories!
  2. This is exactly like my mother used to make it! I haven't made it at home for years, so I just did a quick search to double check my memory and the ratio of butter:cream. Thanks for posting! And, respectfully, Captain Andy: you may be the one who isn't from Maine. I believe in other parts of New England they do add potatoes, but I'm the daughter of a 4th-generation lobsterman in Owls' Head, Maine, and in our area this is the way the "locals" eat it.
  3. Lobster Stew is a chowder, it almost always has potato and is thick&hearty. Bisque is a cream soup with nothing but the lobster,stock and cream,finished with a bit of cognac or sherry. This recipe is nice, but it's a soup. It's something we fed the tourists at our clam shack growing up..but if you were a born and bred New Englander, you wouldn't call this stew.
  4. Wonderful recipe, thanks so much! My DH and I spend two weeks in Maine every September and this is our favorite lunch dish, of course we eat our whole lobsters for dinner every night!!
  5. This is the true recipe for Maine Lobstah Stew! No other recipe is for real. Thanks.


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