Maine Lobster Roll

"If you want an authentic Maine Lobster Roll, all you will have in it is lobster and a just a tad of mayonnaise. Nothing else. Other things may be good and have them if you like, but a Maine one is maine-ly lobster. You may put it on any roll you like, but I generally use a hotdog type roll with the slit on top. A homemade hotdog roll would be wonderful. I always have the pieces pretty good sized so you can see the claw and pieces of the tail. Yummy!!!"
Maine Lobster Roll created by Elly in Canada
Ready In:


  • 1 lobster (cooked and picked)
  • 12 - 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • 1 hot dog bun, with slit on top


  • Boil the lobster for about 16-18 minutes.
  • Pick apart and cut up in good-sized pieces.
  • Put the mayonnaise on and mix.
  • I usually put a little butter on the sides of the roll and place it on the griddle for a couple of minutes to brown it.
  • Fill it and enjoy.
  • NOTE: I figure one lobster per roll which would be about 3-5 ounces of meat; this should make a stuffed lobster roll.
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  1. meggey1979
    THANK YOU times a million for posting this. We went to Maine this past summer and fell in love with Lobster Rolls. Living in FL, we don't have true Lobster Rolls available. Time after time,we are let down on recipes that try to over complicate things. Too much seasoning, filler and dear god - celery, which in my thought ruins the entire flavor (you want the flavor of the Lobster, not celery). We tried your simple recipe tonight and it was PERFECT. Exactly what we had in Maine. One of the local bakery's just started making New England Style hot dog buns in Florida (at Sweetbay). We've been on the hunt since August to fill our craving and your recipe did so tonight. Many thanks from Florida!!!
  2. Lindas Busy Kitchen
    I made these again yesterday and took a picture this time! I add celery and used my recipe for Recipe #251957 for the roll. They are DELISH! Thanks for sharing! Linda
  3. Lindas Busy Kitchen
    Maine Lobster Roll Created by Lindas Busy Kitchen
  4. Elly in Canada
    Maine Lobster Roll Created by Elly in Canada
  5. Elly in Canada
    I made my lobster lunch exactly like you do Mimi, love it!! Our local bakery makes hot dog and hamburger buns with the same dough, I prefer using hamburger buns; I find it easier to eat without losing all the filling!! I added some fresh ground black pepper to the sandwich and did not grill it. Yummy!!

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