Grilled Glazed Salmon

"This is by far, my favorite company meal. We eat this salmon very often. It is so tender and delicious. Everyone I have served it to has always loved it - even children. Don't be afraid of the cayenne pepper - this is not a spicy dish. The original version of this recipe actually called for more cayenne (3/4 tsp.) which you are welcome to try if you like it a bit more spicy. The salmon called for in this recipe is a whole side of a fish - do not cut up until after it is cooked. The skin acts as a moisture protector on the grill and also helps hold the fish together- it can be removed after cooking, if you prefer. Adapted from a similar recipe in Quick Cooking magazine."
photo by Marlene. photo by Marlene.
photo by Marlene.
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  • In a small bowl, combine brown sugar, melted butter, lemon juice, dill, and cayenne pepper, mixing well.
  • Pour 1/2 cup of this sauce into a small saucepan- once the fish is in its final 5 minutes of cooking time, heat this until warm and pour over cooked fish.
  • Set aside the remaining unheated sauce to use for basting the fish as you grill.
  • Place the salmon, skin side down, on a large platter and season with lemon pepper seasoning and sea salt to taste.
  • Note: If your lemon-pepper seasoning already contains salt, then don't add the extra salt.
  • Lightly brush grill grates with some oil and heat grill to medium.
  • Carefully slide salmon off of the platter and onto the grill, skin side down,using a large metal spatula to help.
  • Cover grill and cook fish, undisturbed, for 5 minutes exactly.
  • Baste liberally with the reserved basting sauce, re-cover, and cook another 10-15 minutes- basting every 5 minutes.
  • Use up all of the basting sauce (Don't forgot to heat up the 1/2 cup reserved sauce from before).
  • Fish is ready when it begins to flake and is starting to appear as if milk is seeping out.
  • Carefullly remove to a fresh,clean platter and pour the 1/2 cup sauce you had simmering on the stove over the top of the fish.

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  1. This recipe got raves from my family and my guests! They said they thought they were eating in a restaraunt!I didn't grill, I baked in the oven and I didn't have dill weed, so I ground up dill seed in the blender. I bet it would be even better were I to do it exactly as the recipe reads. Thanks for a meal I will make again. I served it with Friedel's Oven Parmesan Chips and a spinach salad with mandarin oranges. Yum!
  2. Wow,was this delicious. I found the instructions a bit confusing, but here's what I did. I dumped all the marinade ingredients into one bowl, then put them on a warm burner to melt. Then, brushed it on about 5 mins. prior to grilling. Brushed it on again every 5 mins. until done. Cooked for 20 mins. total, and then brushed it on one more time when I took it off. With a little lemon juice, this was melt in your mouth good! Should get eight stars!
  3. This recipe was good. The fish was moist and tasty but I found the glaze to be excessively sweet. I'd like to try this recipe again and reduce the brown sugar and increase the cayenne pepper. HeatherFeather, thanks for posting this recipe.
  4. My kid doesn't even like salmon and he thought this was "super". It made more glaze than we needed, but that's fine because I'll use it up in a day or two on sea bass. Excellent recipe. Thanks, Heatherfeather.
  5. This recipe is a winner.Turned out very moist with a sweet flavor we really enjoyed.Make sure to turn your grill(if gas)down to low or you'll burn it. The glaze goes well with rice and a number of different meats like chicken and pork. This ones, definitely, goes in my "KEEPER' cookbook.


  1. Hello :) I have been looking for a salmon recipe that dh and I both like. I did make a change or two. I cooked the fish in the oven, and then added the glaze to it (switching the dill for basil). My salmon also came without the skin, but it didn't effect it. I also did not top the salmon with the glaze at the end, because I was afraid it would be too sweet. Served it with Recipe #27398. Thanks for sharing!



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