Gourmet Rice Krispies Cereal Treats

"Rice Krispies cereal treats, toasted coconut, drizzled with melted chocolate"
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  • Lightly toast coconut in pat of butter. set aside to cool.
  • butter 8 x 8 x 1 1/2 inch cake pan pan.
  • sprinkle the cooled toasted coconut in the bottom of pan and place in the fridge while prepping the Krispies treats.
  • Put the 6 cups of cereal in a large glass or non plastic mixing bowl.
  • Over low heat melt the 1 1/4 cup of butter.
  • Add the 40 large marshmallows to melted butter.
  • Cook 10 minutes to start melting while stirring frequently.
  • Add the vanilla and continue to cook over low heat until all melted and increase stirring frequency to a near creamy consistency.
  • Combine into the cereal and coat evenly.
  • Pour into the chilled prepared pan compress lightly.
  • Cool and or refrigerate for about an hour.
  • Turn out onto cutting board and cut into 32 pieces that measure 1/2 x 1 x 2.
  • Melt the Wilton candy melts in microwave in 30 sec increments stirring between sessions.
  • Lay the cut Krispies flat on a cooling rack over paper towels.
  • Drizzle melted candy melts in a zig-zag pattern.

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