Goat Caldereta

"Goat stew, very delicious and healthy alternative to beef and pork dishes"
Goat Caldereta created by JR Rasberry
Ready In:
2hrs 30mins




  • Put the cubed meat into a bowl and add the vinegar, salt and pepper. Set aside for 30-40 minutes.
  • Drain the meat, saving the liquid, and pat it dry.
  • In a large heavy sauce pan, heat the oil over medium heat. Put as many cubes o meat into the pan as it will fit without crowding.
  • Brown the meat on all sides and repeat until all of the meat is browned. Remove meat from pan.
  • Put the onion and garlic into the pan and cook for 2 minutes., scraping up any pan juices.
  • Put in black peppercorns, cinnamon stick and bay leaves.
  • Stir and cook for another minute.
  • Return the meat into the pan with its accumulated juices, reserved marinade and the tomato paste.
  • Stir and cook for another minute.
  • Add 2 cups of waters and bring to boil.
  • Cover, bring the heat to low and cook for 15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and cut them into 1 1/2 inch cubes.
  • When the meat has cooked for 15 minutes, add the potatoes.
  • Cover, and continue to cook for 45-60 minutes or until the meat is tender.
  • Seed the bell pepper and cut it into 1/4 inch wide strips.
  • When the meat is tender add the pepper into the stew.
  • Stir and cook for another 3-5 minutes.

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  1. umUmar
    this recipe is a keeper and will be making this again. From baby to husband,everyone enjoyed this dish of goatmeat.
  2. JR Rasberry
    Goat Caldereta Created by JR Rasberry
  3. Angela - Chef Wanna
    If you want to add a Thai/Jamacian flavor, just add 1 can lite coconut milk and green curry paste (to taste). I also cooked this is my crock pot.
  4. JanaBird
    delish...however, I altered the recipe a little..used apple cider vinegar, added some brocolli with the red pepper and two tablespoons of corn meal to thicken. definately a keeper.
  5. Pinaygourmet 345142
    I'd been looking for a good caldereta recipe and this is the closest from my cousin's Grandma's unforgettable caldereta. I added green peas, grated edam cheese and a small bird's eye chilli (labuyo) just out of whim and used beef too. Good job! Thanks for posting!



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