Frozen Lemonade or Fruit Juice Slushies

"An icy treat for hot weather! Kids will love this and parents will to. Things don't taste as sweet when cold so people who like sweeter lemonade will want extra sweetener while those who prefer a tarter drink will not. Adults may enjoy the optional rum or whiskey. Any excess may be frozen in popsicle molds. Variation: Try frozen juice concentrates instead of the lemonade concentrate. I like grapefruit, my kids like grape. Try orange slushies for a summer brunch."
photo by Calee photo by Calee
photo by Calee
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Ready In:


  • 6 ounces frozen lemonade concentrate (regular or pink)
  • ice cube
  • cold water
  • 14 - 12 cup sugar, to taste (or equivalent, preferred sweetener) (optional)
  • rum (optional) or whiskey (optional)
  • lemon slice (to garnish)


  • Load blender with ice cubes to the 4 1/2 cup mark.
  • Add lemonade concentrate and optional sweetener if used.
  • Fill blender with cold water to the 5 cup mark.
  • Blend on whatever speed your blender recommends for crushing ice until smooth and slushy.
  • Divide into serving glasses (it will have a texture resembling soft-serve ice cream), and garnish with lemon slices. A spoon may be necessary.
  • A shot of rum or whiskey may be poured overtop an individual serving or, if only adults are partaking, rum or whiskey can be added to the blender before the water.

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  1. Calee
    Excellent slushy. I used pink lemonade and 1/3 of a cup of sugar. The ice I used about 16 large cubes. Can't wait to make this again and adding a little vodka or some blueberri vodka. Thanks for sharing this recipe!
  2. looneytunesfan
    This was light & refreshing & a definate keeper. Next time tho I will make sure to use my blender. We are in the process of selling our home so my blender is packed. I made the mistake of using my food processer which made quite a mess. I still had enough tho for 1 large glass and will definatly make this again.
  3. beancooker
    This was really good and refreshing. Served it this afternoon plain and after dinner DH and I both added a shot of tequila for a good margarita. I used regular lemonade without the added sugar. Will try again with grapefruit juice and also with limeade. Thanks for a good summer drink.


  1. PA - 06LJ 796762 H.
    90 ice cubes
  2. PA - 06LJ 796762 H.
    add 90 ice cubes
  3. PA - 06LJ 796762 H.
    add 90 ice cubes
  4. ayatisangwan
    I used Crystal Light 5-calorie lemonade mix and no sugar to taste!!
    • Review photo by ayatisangwan



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