READY IN: 28mins
YIELD: 8 pieces




  • Cut up your veggies and sauté on low with butter for about 4mins.
  • While veggies are cooking cut up your leftover meat. Ham, bacon, pepperoni all work wonderfully. Add to the veggies that are sautéing and heat for about 2 minutes.
  • Place 1 cup of your cheese (you can use multiple cheeses or just one kind) in a bowl. Add the pepper, cayenne pepper, Italian seasoning and salt to the cheese and mix. This step helps the spices stick to the cheese and creates an even distribution of flavors in the frittata.
  • Crack eggs in to a mixing bowl; add garlic, whipping cream and water to the eggs and mix. Like making scrambled eggs.
  • Once eggs are mixed, add veggies, meat and cheese to the eggs and stir the items together.
  • Heat oven to 350. Spray an oven safe dish or pan with pam. (I use a 10" sauté pan with metal handle - oven safe).
  • Add egg mixture to pan and place in oven for 15mins.
  • After 15mins the Frittata should if gently shaken move only in the middle of the pan. Add remaining 1/4 cup cheese to the top of the frittata and cook another 3-5mins until the frittata is firm.
  • Remove from dish or pan from oven REMEMBER to use potholders -- LOL.
  • If you cooked this in a pan, take a rubber spatula and gently loosen the frittata and slide on a plate. I cut it into pieces like cutting a pie. If you cooked it in a dish leave in the dish, cut and serve.
  • Serve and enjoy! Any leftovers can be frozen in glad press and seal for about 1 month. I get 8 of frittata from this recipe.