Fresh Pomegranate Pie

Recipe by Amber W
READY IN: 2hrs 5mins
YIELD: 1 pie




  • Deseed the yellow pomegranates and put into a large enough bowl to allow folding.
  • Make sure to remove any of the white membrane as it is very bitter.
  • This step is the most time consuming step but it's worth it.
  • Juice the red pomegranats by cutting them in half and using a citrus juicer, this is messy so make sure do it some place easy to clean and either wear old clothes or an apron.
  • You want to end up with 2 cups of juice.
  • Mix the corn starch into the sugar and add to the pomegranate juice cook over a medium heat until it is thickened.
  • This makes a glaze like for a strawberry or blueberry pie.
  • Cool the mixture and fold into the bowl of seeds folding gently so as not to break the seeds.
  • If you bruise the seeds it will make the glaze runny and the filling will not stick together.
  • Pour glazed seed mixture into the pie or tart shell.
  • You can serve immediately or refrigerate for a while.
  • Top with whipped cream and enjoy.