Food Processor Loaf Bread

"Fast and easy and good. I got this recipe from my food processor recipe book about 20 years ago. It's real good and faster than the dough setting on my bread machine (although I also love my bread machine)."
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Ready In:
2hrs 35mins
12 slices




  • Combine water, sugar and yeast in a small bowl and set aside.
  • Using steel blade, place flour and salt in bowl of food processor. Pour in yeast mixture through chute; process till dough forms ball.
  • Break dough apart and reprocess 2 or 3 times.
  • Place dough in BUTTERED bowl; turn dough in bowl to butter all sides.
  • Cover and let rise about 1 hour, till doubled in size.
  • Punch down, shape into loaf and place in greased loaf pan.
  • Let rise till doubled (about 45 minutes).
  • Bake in preheated oven (450°) 25 to 30 minutes or till golden brown.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Vanya S.
    What changes do I need to make for using Wheat flour instead of APF? Thanks
  2. carolcharniga
    What size and power food processor do you need for this recipe?


  1. anniemcb
    This was so easy and the result was great. Will definitely make this bread again
    • Review photo by anniemcb
  2. theclarks151
    What exactly does it mean to “reprocess” the dough ?
  3. The Little Koi
    Very yummy bread! Easy to make also! I have now traded my old recipe for this one for my staple load bread! Thanks for sharing this!
  4. J.erz
    I bake this bread all the time, it's an easy way to make a basic loaf of bread, and lets you know exactly what's in the bread you're serving your family.
  5. sammcancook
    I have made this bread about 20 times now, really! I prepare communion bread each month as a deacon at my church. The congregation always looks for leftovers. My 22 year old son makes this now when we have beef stew or pasta fagioli. So easy and delicious hot from the oven. A belated thanks to Darlene.


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