Egg Chop

Recipe by smiboi
READY IN: 20mins




  • • Mash the potatoes with chopped green chilies and coriander leaves, onion slices, black pepper powder, ghee, ginger-garlic paste and salt. Squeeze the lemon and mix well.
  • • On a separate bowl, beat the egg with powdered milk, flour, salt and a pinch of black pepper powder. Set aside.
  • • Make a medium sized ball out the potato mash in our palm. Press on the center of the ball with your fingers to make a small indentation. Fill in the indentation with the cubed hard boiled eggs. Cover the filling with a little more of the potato mash to make a fine ball. Now press again slightly to make it into an oval shaped “chop”.
  • • Repeat this step to make around 8 chops. Set aside on a tray. Then pour the biscuit crumbs on a flat tray. Mix in a bit of oregano and Nigel seeds (black cumin).
  • • Dip each chop in the beaten egg-milk mixture.
  • • Place it on the tray with the biscuit crumbs. Cover it well with the crumbs. Do make sure that the crumbs are not powdery, but rather crunchy. Use one hand to dip the chop in the egg mixture, and the other hand to cover the chop with the biscuit crumbs. This way the chop will have less of a chance to break off. Repeat for the rest of the chops.
  • • Heat a deep frying oil with just enough oil to fry 3-4 chops. Add one chop to the oil and dip the next chop in the egg mixture and cover with biscuit crumbs. Add this second chop to the hot oil. Repeat this process to add 3-4 chops, one by one to the oil.
  • • Fry the chops until they turn brown. Filter the oil used to fry the chops on a sieve so that fried biscuit crumbs that may have broken off during the frying process are separated. Collect the fresh oil and use it again to fry the next batch of chops.
  • • Add more oil if needed.
  • • Place the fried chops on a paper towel so that the excess oil is soaked out.
  • • Serve!