Easy Homemade Chicken Salad

"I copied this down once while sitting in the waiting room for a doctor's appointment. (Goodness knows there's always time enough for copying recipes!) I think it came from "Child" magazine. I estimated number of servings."
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photo by Swirling F.
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  • In medium mixing bowl combine first three ingredients.
  • Stir in the lemon juice and pepper.
  • Combine the mayo, pickle relish and prepared mustard.
  • Add this sauce to chicken and gently stir in the eggs.
  • Cover and chill until ready to serve.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can I leave the mustard out completely? Not a real mustard fan. Thanks!
  2. What is prepared mustard
  3. Receipe of rasgullah


  1. This was a little too "mustardy" for me. I made it a second time using only 1 teaspoon and it came out just right. Very good and simple.
  2. Very tasty! Nice to see a good basic recipe without a million unneeded ingredients too add. The only thing I might add is a little basil and or rosemary and a little salt.
  3. If your looking for an easy starter recipe this is it! This is a basic recipe that you just need to add your seasonings of choice to. If you don't add your own seasonings its kind of bland. This is exactly what I was looking for though. I had all the ingredients except for the celery..
  4. Yum! I had leftover turkey so this recipe was ideal. I made this as written, but a added a few tbsps of extra mayo to get the desired moistness. I really enjoyed this on wheat bread with lettuce. Great turkey salad! Thanx!
  5. My Mom makes the BEST chicken salad, but when I asked her for the recipe she was not able to give me exact measurements. She is the kind of cook who just puts ingredients together and adjusts, until it looks and tastes right. So I began a quest to find a recipe that uses the same ingredients she does. This one came the closest, so I decided to make it today. I must say, it tastes very similar. I am pleased with the results. My Mom doesn't use lemon juice in hers, so I only put a small amount in what I made. I reduced the mustard to 1 1/2 teaspoons. I also added a dash of salt and omitted the onion (personal preference). I chopped the chicken, eggs and celery in my food processor because I don't like mine chunky. Thank you Patrish, for helping me recreate my Mom's beloved chicken salad!


  1. I was thinking, when I saw your photo served on toast points, I might use "flatbread" or pita bread...
  2. I used Greek Yogurt instead of mayo. It is so delicious! Saved a few calories too.
  3. I used Gardein brand meatless chicken strips, didn't use eggs, and used Miracle Whip instead of Mayonnaise. So delicious!



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