DH's Sauce That Won Me Over To Asparagus

"Amazingly simple and tasty dip!"
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photo by cyaos
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  • Mix it all up!
  • Alter amounts of ingredients to personal taste.
  • Dip your lightly steamed (crisp is key) asparagus.
  • Grind up leftovers for your baby (mine loves this veggie with or without sauce!).

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  1. I can see why your DH and you love this sauce! I used it with leftover rice and tofu to make a salad and it came out great! Thanks! Next time it will go over the asparagus!
  2. I'm sorry, but this just didn't taste very good. The soy sauce gave it a different type of flavour - soemthing I wasn't too fond of. I gave it two stars because although I didn't like the taste, it was very easy to put together.
  3. ***I used this as a dipping sauce for my blanched asparagus. I thought it complemented the flavor very well, as long as I dipped it lightly - it did have a tendency to be a bit overpowering. The flavor was also a little too salty. If you are one of those that uses "light" soy sauce that might eliminate that problem. Unfortunately, I can't report on the"winning over" factor, because my non-asparagus-lover refused to even try it. — Jul 22, 2005 I have to revise my review and rating - I find myself craving this sauce with lightly blanched asparagus. I have been known to eat a whole pound of asparagus at one sitting - who cares if anyone is "won over"!
  4. Some of the simplest combinations are the best! I love asparagus so do not need anything to persuade me to eat it but this sauce is very good and compliments the flavor of the asparagus - It was enjoyed by all I added a pinch of sugar as I was a bit heavy handed with the mustard. I think this would be great as a dipping sauce for recipe#13617 Baking Stone Oven Fried Potatoes with just add about 1/2 tsp crushed chili flakes. Thanks Inkling for an enjoyable recipe
  5. I made this sauce to have over some brussels sprouts. Simple to whip together and so worth it!



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