Dancing Shrimp Panini

"This panini dances with flavor, it takes the idea of a po boy and marries it with grilled scampi. thanks for catching the missing lemon juice in the instructions."
photo by Brenda. photo by Brenda.
photo by Brenda.
photo by _Pixie_ photo by _Pixie_
photo by Boomette photo by Boomette
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  • Hollow out most of the bread from the baguette.
  • Melt butter in cast iron skillet.
  • Add garlic, lemon juice, hot sauce if using and parsley,.
  • As soon as butter foams add the shrimp.
  • Cook shrimp for 5 minutes or until done,hopefully blackening the shrimp in the sauce.
  • Fill the baguette with the shrimp and sauce.
  • If using as a panini, place in a panini grill. If using as a po'boy eat it as it is.
  • Enjoy with lots of napkins.

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  1. weekend cooker
    MMMMMMmmmm !!!Great lunch here !!! Left out the hot sauce though. Made on our panimi grill. Very quick , and filling. Easy and delicious. Made for Gimme 5.
  2. _Pixie_
    Delish! Quick and easy to make too. I couldn't get the shrimp to blacken, probably because I don't use a cast iron skillet. It was delicious without blackening. I served po boy style and it was easily enough for the three of us. I added the hot sauce and it really added a nice touch. Maybe a bit more next time... Thanks for posting this, it's very yummy!
  3. MamaJ
    This was a terrific weeknight meal! It went together very quickly and the flavors blended perfectly. I did choose to add the hot sauce and was glad I did--in fact, next time I will probably add even more. This sauce was so good I will double it next time. I made it as a po-boy but think it would be delicious as panini too. I wish I'd doubled the whole recipe as my DH and I scarfed it up. Thanks for another winner MarraMamba!
  4. Brenda.
    This recipe is quick, easy, and very tasty. I used a baguette vs making a panini. The dash of hot sauce really enhanced the flavor of the filling and the lemon juice added a fresh sun-shiney taste. A terrific week night meal. Thanks for sharing. Nick's Mom
  5. Boomette
    Easy and fast to do once the shrimps are peeled lol My BF did it (so nice of him :) And I saw that I forgot to add the lemon juice (it's not written in the direction). I added hot sauce to mine and regiano parmigiana. I used a baguette and it was like a subway. Thanks :)


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