39 Panini Recipes to Make Right Now

Whether you call it a panini or simply a pressed sandwich, there’s no denying that these tasty, toasty treats have become a universal favorite. Check out some of our users’ best panini recipes from classic Italian flavor combos to more inventive dessert panini.

Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini

"I made this for supper on my Cuisinart griddler. Reallly good; I will be making this again.”


Grilled Eggplant, Arugula & Mozzarella Panini

“Easy and delicious! I made this on ciabatta bread with garlic infused olive oil, and the family loved it!”


Stuffed French Breakfast Panini

“Delicious! I used a low fat cream cheese to which I'd added a little honey and cinnamon, raspberry jam and several whole raspberries. When the sandwich was well browned, I drizzled it with cream and sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar.”

-bluemoon downunder

Beef Pesto Panini

“I made these for myself and two friends, and we all loved them. I love pesto and never would have thought to try it with roast beef.”


Tuna & Artichoke Panini

“Really good, different type of panini. Made on our panini press with ciabatta rolls. Will be made again.”

-Messie Chef

Chocolate-Strawberry Panini

“So yummy! The poundcake was so nice and soft — a real treat! I don’t have a panini grill, so just seared it in a skillet with a pat of butter. Great treat for Nutella nuts!”


Scrambled Egg Breakfast Panini

"What a fun breakfast idea! I scrambled the eggs quickly in the micro while the panini grill was heating. I used provolone, thinly sliced ham, the egg and chipotle mayo on a nine-grain bread. I will definitely be making this again!”

-Susie D

Muffuletta Panini

“Wow! Was this ever good! My girlfriend and I wolfed down these sandwiches like there was no tomorrow! Loved them!”


Smoked Italian Panini

"This is an outstanding sandwich! I think it is more of a hoagie than a panini. But whatever you call it, it's delicious.”


Peanut Butter & Jelly Panini

“I didn't expect this to be so incredible; both the PB and J change composition entirely — you need to try it to see how good it is! I will warn you that this makes a big mess — I have the panini maker with the plates that go in the dishwasher, but if you don't, get ready for some scrubbing!”


English Muffin Panini With Goat Cheese & Tomato

“So tasty! I didn't toast the muffin beforehand and thought it got plenty toasted once it was in the skillet.”


Turkey, Cranberry & Dressing Panini

“A delicious way to visit Thanksgiving dinner on a bun. I did not use all the butter that was called for. I just put a thin coating on the buns.”


Chicken Panini With Fig Jam

"What an excellent sandwich! The crispy grilled ciabatta, tangy blue cheese, sweet fig preserves, peppery (baby) arugula — perfect! I used ciabatta rolls, rather than a loaf, and did eyeball a few of the ingredients.”


Italian Panini

"Really a delicious sandwich. I loved the flavor of the Italian dressing with the peperoncini peppers. I didn’t brush the outside with any oil and it wasn’t missed in the least. The flavors were absolutely yummy and I will be making this again.”


Kellymac's Brie & Prosciutto Panini

"Absolutely divine! Made in my George Foreman grill!”


Basil Lemon Chicken Panini

“Easy, fabulous, delicious and very flavorful. A great lunch for all of us today. Definitely a keeper here.”

-weekend cooker

Slow-Cooker Tuscan Chicken Panini

“I loved the slow-cooker aspect of this recipe. It made throwing a tasty meal together fast and easy. I used skinless, bone-in chicken breasts instead of the thighs. The flavor of the chicken was very nice.”

-Susie D

Apple-Cheddar Panini

"This is a great sandwich, not only because it tastes great but also because I usually have all ingredients on hand. Next time I will try with prosciutto."

-Teri G.

Chocolate Panini

"Yummy! Delicious! This is a quick and easy treat that is decadent and definitely a chocolate lover’s delight!”


Prosciutto & Egg Panini

"Fantastic recipe! I just tried it this morning and thought it was amazing! I didn’t have sandwich buns, but I did have some leftover Hawaiian sweet bread rolls left, and they added such a flavor!”


Turkey & Swiss Panini

“My husband, the panini king, made these tonight, and they were excellent. The raspberry jam does add another dimension to this sandwich.”

-Vicki in AZ

Bellissimo Panini

“I loved this sandwich! The red bell pepper added such a nice sweetness that contrasted well with the arugula. This was my very first panini sandwich I and I am hooked.”

-Pot Scrubber

Panera Bread's Turkey Artichoke Panini

“I love this sandwich and am excited I can make it at home now! It was absolutely spot on!”


Boursin Parisian Panini

“This is was really a tasty sandwich! I love the red peppers. I think they made the sandwich!”

-Slim PA

Dancing Shrimp Panini

“Great lunch here! Left out the hot sauce, though. Made on our panini grill. Very quick and filling. Easy and delicious.”

-weekend cooker

Buffalo Chicken Panini

“The blue cheese is a bit strong, but then, so is the wing sauce, so for me, it was all a great balance.”

-Two Socks

French Dip Panini

"Wonderful roast beef sandwich with tasty au jus! Made this as written except for scaling it back for one serving and using provolone cheese. This is something I need to add to my lunch rotations! Thanks for sharing the recipe.”


Gruyère, Apricot Jam & Toasted Walnut Panini

"Loved all the flavors together, especially the walnuts with the jam. I didn't get it as gooey as I'd hoped, but it was the first time using my new Lodge grill pan!”


Ham & Manchego Panini With Dipping Sauce

“This was a great opportunity to use the Cuisinart griddler/panini press that we received as a wedding gift. The sandwich was super simple to make and much better than a regular ham and cheese. The apricot mustard sauce lent itself nicely to the manchego cheese.”


Portabella Panini With Gorgonzola & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

“Very nice breadless 'sandwich!” I had trouble cutting the mushroom caps in half (maybe mine weren't big enough — they were about four to five inches in diameter), so instead I just used two whole caps for each sandwich. Be sure to dry the mushroom caps well (I didn't and mine were a bit drippy).”

-Brooke the Cook in

Southwestern Chicken Panini

"This was excellent; even my husband loved it, and he's hard to please!"


Four Cheese Panini With Basil Tomatoes

"Very good! Try it with some purple onion strips and brush some balsamic vinegar over the tomatoes.”

-la cucina chef

Caprese Panini

“Yum! I thought I was eating a gourmet sandwich from a nice restaurant. I used about five leaves of basil (but mine may have been smaller) and chopped the basil to release more of its flavor.”


Club Panini

"Can you say yummy? This was a quick and delicious weeknight dinner for my husband and me.”


Panini Sandwiches

“Love the crispy crust and the melty cheese. I made as directed and also with pastrami.”


Chicken & Avocado Panini Sandwiches

"This was delicious! My husband and son loved it, as did I. Will definitely make it again.”


Italian Tuna Panini

“The additions to this tuna filling raise canned tuna to a gourmet level. I used a thick-sliced whole-grain sourdough bread, but everything else the same. The leftovers were good, too, as a cold sandwich the next day.”

-Ginny Sue

Grilled Portabella Panini

"Made this for lunch today. I did add a slice of provolone. Really enjoyed it."


Chicken Cordon Bleu Panini

“I love cordon bleu and this was great. I don't have a panini maker but now I have a reason to get one. I used a small cast iron skillet to weigh it down.”