Dana's Homemade Kahlua

"This is a recipe I came up with since I enjoy white russians soo much, and also I like Kahlua in my coffee too. Let me know what you think if it is too strong, weak or is missing something..THANKS!!"
photo by Baby Kato photo by Baby Kato
photo by Baby Kato
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photo by Brenda. photo by Brenda.
photo by Baby Kato photo by Baby Kato
Ready In:
2 fifths




  • Boil water, coffee, sugar.
  • Simmer for 3 hours (stirring frequently).
  • Let cool and add vanilla and vodka.
  • Bottle and cap tightly.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Lisa F.
    Has anybody ever tried doing it in a crockpot??
  2. shesacraftie1_13079
    Can you use Vanilla Vodka?
  3. Jim S.
    Is this calling for vanilla extract?
  4. Laura C.
    Does this need to be Refrigerated?
  5. wyld.flowerz72
    How can I thicken my kahlua


  1. Titanium Chef
    Dana, (*hic*) this is terrific, just as the recipe is written. It's the best homemade Kahlua that I've had. Next time I might try the (*hic*) 100-proof vodka instead of the 80-proof, just to see if it makes a big difference in taste. Now I have to go to the store to buy more milk for White Russians! Thanks for posting.
  2. Kym in Ohio
    Dana Loved this Kahula,I had a dinner party Saturday Nite and everyone loved it. I mixed vanilla ice cream as a Kahula milk Shake. Would make it again :) Kym
  3. Richard-NYC
    What a great find! This an easy, tasty, and cheaper alternative to the expensive stuff! Thanks Dana!
  4. PetsRus
    This was the easiest liqueur I ever made! It has a good coffee flavor, I used espresso instant coffee. Used also over ice cream, in the coffee and on its own to serve with the coffee. I will definitely make it at Christmas time for gifts. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
  5. Barb G.
    Dana, This delicious, fabulous, What a find, sure won't be buying the expensive stuff again. Great over vanilla ice cream. Thank you sooooo much Dana.


  1. Nick P.
    Rather than instant coffee I just exchange water for strong fresh brewed coffee. Instead of two and a half cups of sugar I only used two (still plenty sweet). I used a whole split vanilla bean and let it simmer in the sweet coffee on the stove. Lastly I bumped it up with nice 100 proof vodka. Turned out wonderful and produced 3-16oz ball jars worth of Kahlua.
  2. lopiekitty
    Can I give this 10 stars? OMGosh.....IMHO it's BETTER then Kahlua! OK, I read the other reviews and checked out "other" recipes and decided to use raw sugar instead of white and I used espresso powder and also used 100 proof vodka (NOT the great stuff but a good mid-grade) and I also used bottled spring water. Mine cooked down to a thick syrup in 2 and 1/2 hours and after it cooled I used "triple" strength vanilla paste (1 tsp.) and added the vodka. PERFECT and I made a QUART FULL (in a Ball canning jar). Also.....IF you choose to make this I would recommend using a HEAVY bottomed pan and let it GENTLY simmer and do stir often as instructed. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this!
  3. mnolan0417
    Try using Bacardi 151 for a better strength. You can also use a sugar substitute like Sun crystals to reduce refined sugar content without much impact on flavor. Do not use imitation vanilla EVER, it may contain a possible carcinogen.
  4. Leslie T.
    This was a fantastic turn out. I love it. All my friends cant belueve something so simple and its soooo good. I love it.
  5. Christina M.
    An extra tablespoon of coffee and a slash more vanilla



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