Cream Cheese Mints

"This recipe was given to me by a coworker. I normally don't like mints, but these are great. She says that the batter is a little dry, but never add more liquid than what is needed. She also said the light cream cheese doesn't work well. She uses candy molds for her mints."
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Ready In:
48hrs 20mins
30 mint balls




  • Mixture will be dry.
  • Mix ingredients in a bowl (best if use dough hooks on your mixer).
  • Remove from bowl and knead.
  • You may add food coloring if you desire.
  • Roll in small balls and then roll the balls in granulated sugar.
  • Press into molds or slightly flatten balls.
  • Remove from mold.
  • Lay on wax paper to dry at least overnight.
  • Turn over and dry on other side.
  • Usually dry 24 hrs on each side.
  • If keeping longer than a couple of weeks, they need to be frozen.

Questions & Replies

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  1. ellenmlittle
    Can I replace any of the cream cheese with butter? Like, 1/4 butter and the rest cream cheese?
  2. Khris R.
    Do you leave these lay out on the table to dry or in the frig?
  3. Lisa K.
    How long can these be kept in the freezer?


  1. elairdnc
    What a great way to use up leftover cream cheese. Easy & delicious. The only change I would make to the recipe is to use the regular paddle hook in your mixer (if you have a kitchenaid). The dough hook didn't do anything, but the paddle blended the mint batter perfectly. Thanks for a great recipe.
  2. heavenslice
    These are yummy. My friend said you don't have to dry them before freezing them, but I learned that if you freeze them right away instead of drying them, don't let them thaw much before setting them out or they will not hold their shape.
  3. Missysioux
    this is good! my gram actually uses this recipe to fill peppermint patties during christmas! (minus the granulated sugar)
  4. csmama
    I have used this recipe several times, both coating them with granulated sugar and omitting the granulated sugar in exchange for dipping them in dark chocolate. Do not be afraid to experiment with other flavors! Some of my personal favorites have been chocolate covered raspberry, butter rum, and chocolate...but mint is a classic and very tasty too!
  5. llam1015_12944102
    Mint is awesome but experiment with other flavorings. I made several colors for my wedding and added a different flavor for each. Strawberry was good but the almond flavored were a huge hit.


  1. Zac B.
    im gay
  2. Tinaslittleangels
    I added 1/4 teaspoon of butter vanilla
  3. Zac B.
    kennedy= fun
  4. Zac B.
    cj is a cool guy so is rianna add more sugar
  5. Tinaslittleangels
    I added 1/4 teaspoon of butter vanilla bakery emulsion.
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