Cream Cheese Icing (Mrs. Echard Icing)

"This icing is good on any cake, but it is to die for on chocolate! The reason it is called "Mrs. Echard" icing is that it is a Must at every dinner at my mom's church, and it's made by a Wonderful lady there named Virginia Echard."
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  • Mix cream cheese and sugar well with mixer.
  • Add vanilla and Cool Whip; mix well.
  • MUST be refrigerated, except when serving.
  • Ices 1 triple layer cake or 2 other cakes.
  • When using on layers just ice top of layers and let icing ooze over sides.
  • It's easy and attractive to take somewhere.
  • Hi Tankers, Thanks so much for your honest review, what went wrong for you on making this? A comment about what didn't work would help. Maybe this recipe needs some tweaking.
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  • Teresa M.

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  1. This icing is special. It's not overly sweet, yet it really makes a cake pop. I used this icing on cream cheese caramel almond pound cake. I topped the cake off with some fresh strawberries. All of the ingredients blended well. The icing is a good transition between the fruit and the cake.
  2. I wanted to update my review. This frosting is EXCELLENT. It tastes light and refreshing BUT it is STURDY!! I've made several cakes (uploaded my castle and luau cake) with this frosting and it holds up great. It has a nice shiny appearance as well. I can't get over how excellent it is.<br/><br/>*Just added my Pinkalicious cake made with this icing....I love, love, love this icing and I make it exactly as stated. This frosting does even better after you've decorated if you stick the structure (cake) back in the "stiffens" up enough to hold and retain its appearance without tasting stiff or hard. THE BEST EVER!!!
  3. One of the easiest recipes I've used for cream cheese icing. I put in onto mini carrot cakes that are in my freezer for OAMC. The leftover I added some extra cool whip and used to dip apple slices in.
  4. I love this recipe, it is very versatile. if you want a very sweet icing, use more sugar, if you want a less sweet icing use less sugar. Also, the more sugar you use, the stiffer the icing becomes.
  5. Absolutlety wonderful, over a carrot cake. I give a well deserved 5 stars to this recipe.


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