Crackers, Cream Cheese, and Pepper Jelly

"Another childhood favorite of mine for a snack or appetizer. I remember my mom telling my grandma that we should introduce her to "crackers, cream cheese, and pepper jelly" and grandma said, "who are they, your cats?" Lol. This is always a hit. Nowadays with my IBS I'd have to substitute regular or light or fat-free cream cheese with a non-dairy version, such as Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese. You can purchase the tub and spread the cream cheese from that, or you can buy the brick-style cream cheese (although I don't think Tofutti makes a brick-style) and spread the pepper jelly on top, refrigerate, and then spread on the crackers. I always did it from the tub. Serving size is an estimate, depends on how much of each ingredient you want to use. Cook time is chill time if you use the brick-style. You should be able to find the pepper jelly in the regular jam/jelly section of your supermarket."
photo by teresas photo by teresas
photo by teresas
Ready In:


  • 48 wheat crackers (I used Wheatsworth brand)
  • 8 ounces cream cheese (in brick or tub, light, fat-free, regular, or non-dairy Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese)
  • 8 ounces mild green jalapeno jelly (I think it comes in 8oz jars, but maybe 6oz)


  • If using brick cream cheese, you can spread the pepper jelly over the entire brick and refrigerate then place on serving plate with wheat crackers.
  • Otherwise, just spread desired amount of cream cheese on a cracker, then top with desired amount of pepper jelly. Enjoy! :).

Questions & Replies

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  1. rw4013
    How far in advance of serving time can cream cheese on crackers with jelly be made? Do they have to be refrigerated?


  1. Awesome Chef Trapp
    We make this down south but we also add shredded cheddar & chopped pecans.
  2. teresas
    I've been making these for years...I use step 2 method and supply different levels of heat and kinds of jelly...I love the really hot ones...also using different flavors and styles of crackers make a nice presentation...these are so easy to prepare that I usually let guest make their own...made for "Help a Naked Recipe" tag game for recipes without photo's...:)
  3. princessbride029
    I have been eating this for years - thanks for posting! One of my favorite snacks. Lately I've been substituting goat cheese for the cream cheese - YUM!
  4. Mandi c.
    I wish I could give this 10 stars! My grandma gave us pepper jelly for Christmas that she had made. I used that. Holy cow these are amazing! Thanks so much!
  5. Bobtail
    I love this combination! I have had it at showers, parties, etc where they pour the pour the pepper jelly over the block of cream cheese. I have actually been snacking on this lately using Ritz wheat crackers or Triscuits with rasberry-jalapeno jelly. Delicious, versatile and easy :) Thanks blancpage!


  1. princessbride029
    I have been eating this for years - thanks for posting! One of my favorite snacks. Lately I've been substituting goat cheese for the cream cheese - YUM!


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