Crab Meat Stuffed Shrimp

"If I want to REALLY impress, this is a party appetizer that always works! Need romance? Serve a couple with Filet Mignon for Surf-n-Turf - it doesn't get much better than this!"
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Ready In:
24 depending on shrimp count




  • Peel shrimp leaving tails and slice down middle deveining as you go.
  • Lay on greased cookie sheet to form a circle with the tail pointing up.
  • (Fan the tail out for beauty and handle) Mix first 7 ingredients and gently fold into crabmeat.
  • Place a spoonful of crabmeat mixture on top of the circle.
  • Top with fresh parmesan (optional) Place cookie sheet in 350 degree oven for 15 minutes, remove with spatula to serving tray, Serve immediately.
  • Also, try stuffing mushrooms which only take 10-15 minutes in the oven, same temp.
  • To prepare for a party, prepare trays, cover with plastic wrap and store in refrigerator, then just place in oven when ready and serve in 15 minutes!
  • Having medium shrimp saves money and makes more of a finger-food size.
  • I've made extra and frozen some to be used as side dishes.
  • If you can't get seafood where you live, you can order all supplies from a seafood place in Florida- Joe Patti's Seafood online.
  • Even mid-westerners can enjoy a special fresh seafood treat.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Elizabeth C.
    Can you prepare these stuffed shrimp ahead of time?
  2. shutchison72
    Hi! When making this recipe, do I use already cooked shrimp or raw shrimp??


  1. Bergy
    This is not only a delicious recipe the presentation is fabulous! You have a lovely after flavor left in your mouth from the combination of ingredients. I arranged the prawns with their tails sitting up just as you suggested and it really made an attractive appetizer. I agree that medium prawns are best. I put on the parmesan cheese and it gave a golden finish. Next time I will arrange the prawns in circles of three, one person servings) and put a spoonful of crab in the center of each 3 group. I can not get fresh crab but I bought canned crab chunks - You need the chunks - I suppose you could use artificial but for this recipe I like REAL crab - This is a special appetizer for special people Thanks Laurita for an elegant, very delicious appetizer 5 star all the way
  2. Merlot
    Fabulous appetizer!! This is so easy to prepare and makes for a beautiful presentation, my guests devoured them and asked for the recipe. The next time I make them, (and there WILL be a next time) I'm going to stuff both shrimp and mushrooms. Thank you so much Laurita, for sharing this recipe. :-)
  3. Pi-E8216
    FAB-U-LOUS! I used both shrimp and mushrooms, I couldn't choose which one I liked the best--both tasted incredible. Your guests and/or family will be impressed! My husband said it made him feel so special that I would go through all that trouble... heehee --I never told him how easy it was to make ;-) A Keeper...thanks for sharing...Pi-E
  4. Pablo
    This was kind of hard for me to make, lining them all up like that, but well worth the effort. It made a colorful, beautiful display and was raved by my guests. I froze some uncooked, so hopefully, the next time will be a quickie! Thanks for a very nice tasty treat.
  5. Melody M.
    I made these and was a huge hit. Easy to prepare in advance pop in fridge and cooks up quickly to serve hot.
    • Review photo by Melody M.


  1. Melody M.
    I'm curious if these can be prepared and frozen to the and cook for if they would need to cook first then freeze because of the lump crab


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