Crab and Artichoke Dip

"This is delicious!! I served it on toasted French bread and with crudites. From the local newspaper. (I have made this now with no fat mayo and no fat sour cream and marinated bottled artichokes, turned out fantastic!!)"
photo by Billy Green photo by Billy Green
photo by Billy Green
photo by Billy Green photo by Billy Green
photo by Billy Green photo by Billy Green
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Ready In:




  • Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.
  • Once thoroughly combined, spoon into a medium sized baking dish or 2 small ramikins and bake at 425f degrees for 15 to 20 minutes until mixture is browned and bubbly.
  • Serve with pita wedges or French bread or crudites.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Kathi S.
    Can you make this the day before, and then bake it the next day?


  1. mickie49
    Made this to take to my F2F book group last night, and it got much better reviews than the book of the month! I used canned crab and soaked it in milk for about an hour then drained it well and rinsed it in cool water before adding it to the dip, this is a trick I learned from a caterer in my area--really freshens the taste! We had it with grilled french bread slices rubbed with garlic---wonderful! I've already made plans to take this to several gatherings this summer--thanks so much Derf!
  2. Terrillary
    This was delicious, however, when reading the recipe I noticed that it said either 1 tbsp. of fresh dill or 1 tbsp. of dried dill. Most of the time you reduce the amount of the dried herb to a tsp. if recipe states tbsp. of a fresh herb. Could be why the dill was overpowering. This is a keeper recipe.
  3. stomoff
    This recipe is great! It was gone in 15 minutes. I added 1/4 cup cream cheese to make it creamier. I served it with wedges of toast and whole grain crackers. So easy to make too.
  4. jyapink26
    This recipe is really good. The kids finished it in less than 15 minutes. The only thing I would change is not add the lemon and only half the amount of dill. Besides that it is yummy. I will definitely make it again, just not put the lemon cause it is too over powering and only a teaspoon of dill.
  5. nisea916
    This was pretty tasty. Husband disliked it after one taste and daughter wouldn't even try it after I mentioned artichokes. That's ok though, more for me.


  1. Melissa and her Pan
    I was so excited to make this! I made it exactly as written. The dip was so sour it was unenjoyable. I kept eating it, thinking my palate would adjust but it never did. I have to think that the sour cream, lemon juice, artichokes and mustard are all too acidic to be together in this dish. Maybe if one left out the lemon juice, cut down on the mustard, and subbed cream cheese for the sour cream? I'm not sure. Sorry, Derf! I really did want to love this. It's crab and artichokes, two of my favorite things!



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