Corned Beef Brisket W/ Veggies & Horseradish-Pressure Cooker

"My favorite corned beef with cabbage recipe, prepared in an 6-quart or 8-quart pressure cooker. I applaud Toula Patsalis, "The Pressure Cooker Cookbook", for this gem, to which I have added the pickling spices that usually come with a corned beef brisket. Try the sauce at least once to see if it heightens your enjoyment of this classic dish; it is also good with roast beef or roast pork. I cook the brisket a day ahead so 1) it can be served on a weeknight after work, 2) the fat will congeal on the liquid for easy removal, and 3) haven't you noticed that so many things taste better on the second day! By the way, did you know that Corned Beef & Cabbage originated in the Boston, Mass. area, not Ireland, because beef was too expensive in Ireland? Of course, the Irish soon adopted this variation from their Irish-American relatives. 3/13/14: made this in my 6-quart electric p.c. Couldn't fit everything in for the 2nd round, so cooked the vegetables in the juice under pressure, then removed the cabbage (to a casserole dish in a 200°F oven) and warmed up the corned beef with everything else on the browning setting. I chopped an extra green onion top for garnishing. "Now THIS is how corned beef and cabbage should taste!" declared DH."
photo by ForeverMama photo by ForeverMama
photo by ForeverMama
photo by KateL photo by KateL
Ready In:
2hrs 20mins




  • Pour water into pressure cooker. Add brisket. Over high heat, bring water to a rolling boil. Skim residue from surface.
  • Add garlic, pickling spices and bay leaves. Secure lid. Over high heat, bring to high pressure and adjust heat to stabilize at high pressure. From moment that high pressure has been reached, cook 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Allow pressure to reduce naturally before removing lid.
  • Remove brisket from cooker and allow to cool. Allow liquid to cool; remove bay leaves. Wrap brisket tightly and refrigerate. Pour liquid into a clean container and refrigerate. (Do I need to say to clean the pressure cooker pot before Day 2?).
  • Combine horseradish, mustard, sour cream, and lemon juice in a bowl; blend thoroughly.
  • Add garlic, green onions, sugar, salt and pepper and mix well.
  • Refrigerate until serving corned beef with vegetables.
  • DAY 2.
  • Skim congealed fat from surface of liquid and place in pressure cooker. Add brisket to pressure cooker. Add vegetables and stir gently.
  • Secure lid. Over high heat, bring to high pressure, then adjust heat to stabilize just at high pressure. From moment that high pressure has been reached, cook 6 minutes.
  • Allow pressure to reduce naturally.
  • Remove lid.
  • Transfer vegetables to a platter. Slice brisket across the grain and arrange slices on a platter.
  • Serve with sauce on the side.

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  1. rosie316
    I actually made this on St Patty's Day, but never got around to reviewing until now. I must confess... I do not have a pressure cooker, but made the corned beef and veggies in a dutch oven on my stove top. All the ingredients on the list for the beef & veg are what I use every time I make one... but the star or KateL's dish was definitely the "Horseradish Sauce"!!! Oh my gosh... EXCELLENT!!! Every time I make a corned beef from now on, I will be sure that this accompanies it. Truly delicious. Thanks for posting. (Made for PRMR)
  2. LilPG
    This is the first time for me to cook corned beef in pressure cooker. It came out great!! The beef was flavorful and tender and the sauce goes so well together. Best corned beef ever!!
  3. ForeverMama
    This corned beef dish is simply marvelous! Made it using russet potatoes, carrots, cabbage and Korean sweet potato (my favorite). The sour cream sauce is such a great addition too and pares perfectly. I will be making this again, except that I need a better pressure cooker (mines from the 70's and not too safe). Great dish KateL! Thanks for sharing:)


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