Cocoa Bath

"This is a recipe I found on, and posted when chari requested inedible cocoa recipes!!"
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1 bath




  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl and add it to your warm bath water as it is running.
  • This works even better in a whirlpool tub, because it gets frothy and foamy!

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  1. This was a fabulous experience that every woman should try. It didn't smell very much like cocoa, but just the knowledge that I was bathing in chocolate was good for my soul. It was almost like a religious experience, lol. The epsom salts made my skin feel nice and soft, too. I didn't use any essential oils because I didn't have any on hand. I don't know if there's such a thing as peppermint essential oil, but I'm going to look into it because I think a minty scent would have made this even more amazing. Thanks for a great idea, Angela! I will be using this frequently when I need to relax and unwind.
  2. A fun recipe to make and give to chocolate lovers, I added one extra tablespoon of baking soda. As a fragrance I made one batch with orange essential oil and one batch with vanilla fragrance. I wrapped them in several small plastic bags, labeled them, tied them with ribbon and gave two friends one bag of each with the different fragrance. They loved it!
  3. I had some apprehension about trying this based on Rita's review, but I did and I wasn't that fussed with it. Yes bathing in chocolate is a nice idea, it does have a luxurious sound, but it just wasn't practical. It made my skin feel nice and soft but epsom salts do that by themselves. I probably won't make it again. For the ring around the bath, simply wipe it down with a flannel (face cloth) while the water is still in and then let it out.
  4. Mmmmmmmmm! I just had a cocoa bath! Awesome! You know, this should be on my "Weekly list of things to do"! I just loved this! I used peppermint oil as a substitute for lavender. This smells awesome - the powdered mix is in my room, uncovered, and my room smells like PARADISE! Besides enjoying this in the bath, I did add 2 heaped tbsps. of this to a tub of hot water and dipped my feet in it, after getting back from a pedicure today. Guess I'm in a Look and feel beautiful mood today. Thank You for posting this for me. I've also made some more for gift giving today:) Oh and I just loved the way this bubbled in the water and made it so chocolate-ey and frothy-foamy like because of the soda in it. I also had alot of fun showing this to my guests and who got fooled thinking it was some kind of chocolate drink mix and even wanted to taste it in hot water because they found it hard to believe I was saying the truth when I said its only a mix for a cocoa bath!! LOL. Loved it with all my heart! THANK U!!!
  5. I have tested this recipe before, thinking it might be a novelty for my toiletry business. Loved the actual ingredients, but did not enjoy having to do a major clean of the bath afterwards.


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