Chinese "brown Sauce" Chicken

"I love this recipe and could eat it at least once a week! I think it tastes very close to the brown sauce that is served in Chinese restaurants. I have made it with and without the veggies with great success."
photo by Love Button and Jel photo by Love Button and Jel
photo by Love Button and Jel
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  • Lightly brown chicken breasts in a small amount of oil.
  • Remove from pan and add garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar and 1 cup chicken broth.
  • Stir to mix and return chicken to pan and cover.
  • Simmer for a few minutes until the chicken is done (15-20 minutes).
  • Remove chicken again and add remaining broth, which has been mixed with cornstarch.
  • Bring to a boil to thicken and return chicken to the pan, coating it well.

Questions & Replies

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  1. famsantan
    My sauce didn't thicken.


    I thought this was very good. I doubled the sauce but doubling the corn starch wasn't enough to thicken the sauce so next time, I'll increase that too. I think some fresh ginger would make it taste more like the restaurant.
  2. Darcel G.
    Great recipe! I shall order out no more :D Thanks.
  3. MdmeGlitz
    Very tasty. I slightly browned the chicken in a pan first (not cooked all the way through), cut it up into strips and put it in the crock pot with the sauce. (I did double the amount of sauce as it just didn't seem like enough). The chicken was very moist and the hour in the crock pot allowed the sauce to really "soak in". Served with white rice and broccoli. I'd like to try the sauce with beef sometime as well.
  4. choco chip
    Based upon other reviews I backed off the brown sugar to just one tablespoon. And I doubled the cornstarch. Turned out great and I will certainly make this again.
  5. JenzyGirl
    This was good and easy to make, although I had to add more cornstarch to thicken a bit more. My daughter (4 years) ate her plate up fairly quickly.


  1. YoJo M.
    I added teaspoon of oyster sauce and used potato starch instead of cornstarch, yummy.
  2. sgathen0376
    I have made this 3 times now with my husband. We use only 1 tablespoon of brown sugar instead of 3tablespoons. Also we do a double the recipe when we cook 2 chicken breasts. The grocery stores here in SC have a stew beef that is diced up the size of diced carrots and we use 2 packages close to a pound each (we like leftovers) and a double recipe is not enough sauce but we think a triple recipe is too much.
  3. tina pack
    Flour instead of cornstarch and cooked the flour in sesame oil. I also used ground ginger. And I stir fried some cabbage, onions and carrots and just layered it with the rice, chicken and brown gravy.


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