Chicken Quesadillas

"I have found that it works great to make the "filling" up a head of time. Just prep and put in the refrigerator until needed. This is one of our favorite meals. NOTE: The friend who gave me this recipe uses canned cooked chicken. I'm sure the other precooked chicken tenders they sell now would also work."
photo by Jonathan Melendez photo by Jonathan Melendez
photo by Jonathan Melendez
photo by Jonathan Melendez photo by Jonathan Melendez
photo by Jonathan Melendez photo by Jonathan Melendez
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  • Broil the chicken for about 5 minutes on each side, or until no longer pink inside. Cool and then shred or cube the chicken. (I have found the slicer in my salad shooter works great for this!).
  • Mix chicken, salsa and cheese in a bowl.
  • Place 1/10th of the mixture on half of the tortilla, fold over and press down slightly to "seal". You can moisten the edges with water to help the edges seal but I usually don't. I've found pressing firmly so that the tortilla sticks to the mixtures works fine.
  • Bake at 400°F for about 5 minutes or until tortillas start to brown.
  • Serve with additional salsa, sour cream, or guacamole for dipping.
  • Goes well with refried beans and/or Spanish Rice.

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  1. jaqi1996
    This was so good that I HAD to log in and write my review. This was 20 out of 5 stars; one of the best dishes I've made and I've made a lot. And it's SO easy! I did the following: seasoned the chicken with a little Adobo before grilling. In a separate pan, I sauteed some onions seasoned with a little salt, then at the last minute added some Goya black beans to the pan. I put the chicken, onions, beans, 1/2 lb cheddar cheese (found this was more than enough), and salsa (medium hot, might try hot next time) all in a bowl and mixed. Added another dash of Adobo and Cayenne Pepper as well. Used whole wheat tortillas and filled them, leaving some room along the edges so it wouldn't spill over. Baked it in the oven for about 15 minutes. All I can say is: WOW!
  2. micro_ang
    So good and so easy! Perfect, for lunch or dinner. I cheated by using rotisserie chicken which made it even easier.
  3. Ms. Mother Earth
    Very easy and nice meld of flavors. My issue was that they didn't brown in the oven. I still cut them up and then sprayed with butter flavored Pam and threw on the griddle (because I had it out) . Very nice and simple, especially because you can make the "stuffing" in advance.
  4. Abbys Mama
    Just made this tonight and I didn't change a thing. It was fabulous!
  5. Jonathan Melendez
    These quesadillas were delicious! I never would've thought to make them in an oven but I loved that because I could make a bunch all at once. The filling was super easy and so good!


  1. Jamie M.
    I did cheat and used canned chicken, again was looking for super quick. Also used half the salsa in mix. Didn't want to overpower the cheese and chicken. Turned out to be just enough!
  2. Nikki P.
    Instead of baking the quesadillas I just heat my electric skillet to 400 degrees and I fold the quesadillas in half and heat them n the electric skillet until browned on each side!!! They are delicious!!!
  3. mphsbelle
    This was so easy & so yummy! I used 2 corn tortillas instead of 1 flour, fiesta cheese blend instead of the cheddar & cut the tortillas into triangles after coming out of the oven. Since my kids don't like the texture of the salsa, I cooked the chicken in no stick spray & a little salsa. As picky as they are about food - my DS & DD LOVED these! They ate twice as much & my DS came back later wanting one for a snack! THANKS Marg!


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