Cheezy Hot and Spicy Bagels - Good Morning!

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  • Mix 1, 8 oz size of premium cream cheese, 1/4 cup chopped jalapeño peppers and a teaspoon or more of Tabasco or Franks"Red Hot Sauce".
  • Mix well on sliced bagel half spread mixture, cover the bagel with a slice of mozzarella cheese pop it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds (depends on microwave) We have also baked in toaster over for great results.

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  1. Good! I must confess I have a weakness for melted cheese - on anything! I made these with fresh pumpernickle rye bagels which were a good offset for the spicy cream cheese. We felt the mozzarella flavor got lost in the cream cheese and made the the next bagel with Monterey Jack which worked well.
  2. Yeah, this is perfect with a non-fat latte! This tastes like one of those expensive creamcheese that you purchase with your bagles. This rocks!
  3. Every time I run low on this cream cheese, I always make some more. Also, from making this recipe, I have also figured out how to make my own veggie-cream cheese spread, instead of paying so much money to buy it.
  4. Mimi, these were really good and tastey. I used pickled jalapenos and grated mozzarella cheese cause it's what I had on hand. These are rich! Thanks!


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