Chachchari ( Mixed Vegetables - Bengali)

"It is a very tasty and nutritious dish that is served with steamed rice, usually for lunch. It is a well balanced dish that can have many variation - vegetarian - bland or rich, non vegetarian with fish head."
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  • Chop the vegetables to even and equal size and clean them.Keep them separately so that they can be added one by one while cooking.
  • Heat Oil.
  • Add bay leaves, red chilies, green chilies, panch phoron. When they sputter, put onions – brown lightly, add turmeric powder and salt.
  • Add vegetables in this order stirring each time – Potato – radish – beans – pumpkin – brinjal – leafy vegetable – ginger paste salt and turmeric powder. Stir and mix well. Add ginger paste.Partially cover the utensil and leave to cook on low flame. The vegetables will give out water. When vegetables look almost cooked, increased heat to dry out fluid till oil separates. Add mustard oil and sugar. Stir and dry out. Adjust seasonings. Ensure all vegetables are well done.
  • Variation: To add fish head. Smear a little turmeric and salt on the fish head(river or pond fish at least 1.5 to 2 kg size like Rahu,Katla, Hilsa). Let stand for 10 minutes Fry the fish head crisp and add just before the vegetables. Can add mustard paste after the vegetables are added.
  • (Mustard paste: 1tbspn mustard, pinch of salt and 2 green chilies ground fine together).

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Cooking for me went from a challenge, to unavoidable, to interesting, to comfortable and now a hobby and delight over a period of nearly two decades. Now I cook only when inspired. New and unusual tastes inspire me. Have those "cook all that comes my way" days too. Some of my best recipes originate then. Many moments of serendipity in the kitchen were lost till a friend told me to write them down (just that-and I never thought of it till his suggestion!!) Ladies of my family (for their help) and men and kids I know (for their expectations) have contributed in my comfort in matters culinary. Their patience, praises and criticisms and even the lack of it have been invaluable. Specially my husband's ability to smile and say "its nice" after tasting my experiments that turned to ash in my own mouth. I prefer cooking alone. I incorporate recipes and style from all over. Deciphering tastes at restaurants and parties, and trying them out is a little game I love. Not attending cooking courses has been a conscious decision as I feel it may regiment my cooking. Every combination and style is a possibility in my mind. I spend hours with recipe books and finally - most of the time - cook a combination of things.
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