Cantonese Chicken

"Posted for RecipeZaar World Tour 2006, this is a recipe adapted from the small community cookbook from Dixon House on the West Coast, South Island of New Zealand, now sadly out of print. Serving size and cooking temperature are unknown. My guess would be 375 F ( 190 C) or does that sound too high?"
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Ready In:
1hr 40mins




  • Place the cooked chicken pieces, pineapple pieces and the chopped onion into a casserole dish.
  • Stir all other ingredients together in a pot until it gets a glazed look.
  • Pour sauce over the chicken, onion and pineapple pieces.
  • Cover and bake at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit for one to one and a half hours.

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  1. I took this recipe on because I'm good with sketchy recipes that are more like suggestions than detailed processes. So I read it and pondered it for a good while before deciding exactly what to do. I just couldn't believe that baking already cooked chicken for an hour and a half was going to turn out well unless the heat was very, very low. And if the heat was going to be very, very low why not use the crockpot? And if using the crockpot why cook the chicken first? So given the oddity of the cooking instructions I recast it as a crockpot recipe. Also, to meet the needs of my family and the sizes of American pinapple cans I pretty-much quadrupled everything except that I only doubled the onion (4 onions seemed out of balance to the amount of pinapple -- 2, 20oz cans), and only doubled the chicken stock and thickener (crockpot recipes take less liquid). I used skinless chicken thighs. And, as a last minute substitution when I realized I had forgotten using the last of the ground ginger last week, I substituted minced, fresh gingerroot. Because this resulted in a very full crockpot I put it on high for about 4 hours -- stirring a couple times to get the heat distributed into the center, then finished it on low. The sauce was wetter than it would have been in the oven, but nobody minded. We served it over rice so a sauce that soaked in was good. I think that as a crockpot adaptation it might have been good to add the ginger late to give it a brighter flavor. And a TBS or so of sherry might be good as well. But I wouldn't mess with it too much because DH had thirds.



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