Bubbly Double Crust Pizza

"This double crust pizza is thick, light, and very bubbly and tasty. My directions will include mixer, but you can make by hand if you desire."
photo by Lori Mama photo by Lori Mama
photo by Lori Mama
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1 12-14




  • In mixer bowl measure out first portion of flour with yeast.
  • In a measuring cup measure water, add milk butter and oil. Microwave for around 1min30sec until it reaches 125'F. Use an instant test thermometer.
  • While it's in the mic measure out the flour, sugar, and salt in another bowl.
  • Add the 125'F liquid to the flour and yeast in the mixer and mix away. I use speed 2 on a Kitchenaid stand mixer using a standard dough hook. Add the large flour portion 1 spoon full at a time till it's absorbed, then add another spoonful. Use it all up. If you need a bit more flour at the end to clean the side of the bowl and make the dough not stick add a bit at a time. Continue kneeding for 10-15minutes.
  • Once done kneed dough by hand into a ball, cover and let rest 10 minutes. This gives you time to prepare the pan, ingredients, etc -- I put a pizza stone into a 425'F oven to heat up. Then I take a baking sheet without sides and put a piece of parchment paper on it.
  • After resting divide the dough in half. keep half covered while working with the other. Roll half out into a 12" or so circle. Or a square the size of your pizza stone. Transfer the dough to the parchment paper on the baking sheet. Put some shredded mozza cheese into this. I use part skim milk mozza that is lower in fat. Roll out the second half of dough the same size and place on top of the first. Roll and pinch the edge together to seal or use a fork to press together. If one layer is shorter than the other just stretch it all out and pinch the 2 layers together. It doesn't have to look good cause it'll be all bubbled when done.
  • Now poke a few holes around with a fork to release air pockets that will form between the layers. The less you poke the more bubbled and better it will look. I prefer to not poke holes and keep an eye on it in the oven. If a big pocket gets out of hand poke it to release the air.
  • Cover the top with pizza sauce. I like sliced tomatoes, cubed ham, and green olives. Then top with more cheese and pop it in the over. Slide the parchment paper off the baking sheet and right onto the hot stone. Cook for 12-14 minutes and it's done. Slide the parchment off the stone and back onto the sheet to take it out of the oven.
  • For a BBQ pizza mix half BBQ sauce with half pizza sauce. Now fry up some cubed chicken then coat with BBQ sauce. Use this as a topping along with onions, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc -- Whatever you want.
  • The secret is in the dough. And the method of using 2 layers of dough with some cheese in between. It'll bubble up and be like something out of an Italian brick oven.

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  1. Very tasty and easy to assemble. I will however change just a couple of things in regard to the baking. I will increase the temp. and time. We found the crust just a wee bit doughy in spots. Made for Mediterranean Event in The Photo Forum.



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