Breaded Southern Fried Pork Chops

"Had these for supper last night, reminded me how good they are!"
photo by Marsha D. photo by Marsha D.
photo by Marsha D.
Ready In:




  • Mix flour, salt, pepper, and boullion cube.
  • Heat oil on med-hi in large skillet.
  • Roll chops in flour mixture.
  • Add to hot skillet.
  • Cook and turn for 20 minutes, until chops are done and golden brown.

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  1. I made these for dinner last night. I couldn't believe how tasty they were with only a few ingredients. I plan on using the same recipe but trying it on chicken, as well. Thanks for sharing such a tasty recipe with the zaar members.
  2. Wonderful recipe. Truely did taste like a good ole fried pork chop your granny would make ya. I did soak my chops in 2 cups of milk and 1 teaspoon of salt for 4 hours while turning half way. Thank you so much for posting.
  3. I really liked this recipe. We did add a few ingredients to suit our taste (Season All and Garlic Powder). I also took another reviewers suggestion and added some bread crumbs to the flour. They were delicious....thank you for this recipe!
  4. I used an egg wash, as suggested by another reviewer, and added breadcrumbs to the flour. These were a big hit with DH and the whole family. This is a good recipe to use for thicker chops, as thin ones may dry out. Very tasty. Thanks for posting ;)
  5. These were pretty good. I had a hard time keeping the breaded part on them though. When we ate them, it kinda fell off. They could have used a little more flavor and been a little jucier, but we ate them and my hubby liked them. Not 5 stars for me, but they were pretty good.


  1. This was GREAT!! DH and I loved these pork chops. I used olive oil in place of the vegetable oil and I also used 2 crushed up chicken bouillon cubes. I fried them on medium heat and I waited to turn the chops after 10 minutes than repeated the frying on other side. After 20 minutes I place the pork chops in a preheated oven at 300' for another 10-15 minutes. They turned out nice and tender :) I use chicken bouillon cube in alot of recipes and I knew we would enjoy this recipe. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! :)
  2. very good. i used breadcrubs and olive oil instead of flour and veggie oil.. still yummy!


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