Basil Butter Balls

"I recall getting this from an old Gourmet magazine. It is super easy and great to have in the freezer for pasta. Fresh basil is a must. Difficult to give number of servings because it depends on how much sauce you like."
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  • In blender, puree ingredients.
  • Shape into small balls.
  • Freeze invidivually and then put in covered container.
  • To serve: remove, warm to room temperature and serve over hot pasta of your choice.

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  1. I tried this - its simple and very good but butter-heavy. For similar flavour I grow lots of fresh basil every year & process leaves with a tiny bit of olive oil & freeze in 2-TBSP balls. This can be made into a small batch of pesto by adding garlic etc. or simply drop 1 or 2 frozen basil balls into minestrone or tomato soup for fresh basil flavour - its much better than dried basil.


This is a wonderful site. Must say this before I start. I was born in Northern Ireland and came to Canada in 1956. I started baking at a very early age and my mother was always supportive (even tho she probably did not have time). By the time I was 12 I was competing in local fairs and won quite a few ribbons. Later in my teens I added cooking (French style) to my hobbies and still prefer this style of cooking. Now we spend 6 months of the year in Southern Portugal and have learned a lot about the Portuguese cuisine. Do prefer the Norhern Portugal type of cooking, but they have the most wonderful bread in the world. I have one daughter who trained as a French chef and worked in that field for several years. Since then she has gone on to other things. <br>I don't have a favorite cookbook because I have too many to choose from. Since having the internet at my fingertips I have certainly expanded my recipe collections. I do take pride in serving good meals even for just the 2 of us. Luckily I have a husband who is a great taster and willing to try just about anything. <br>My pet peeve is to be served food on a cold plate in a restaurant. This is an absolute no-no as far as my husband and I are concerned.
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