Basic Pie & Pastry Crust + Tips & Tricks

"Your basic pie pastry recipe along with tips to help you make a most deliciously tender and flaky crust. From an article in my local newspaper"
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Ready In:
2 crusts




  • Cut shortening into flour/salt until it looks like peas.
  • Add very cold water all at once and quickly toss with a fork; shape into a ball being careful not to over knead.
  • Divide dough in half and roll thin.
  • This makes two single piecrusts or one double crust pie.

  • To avoid a soggy crust, try brushing the bottom of the crust with egg white before adding fruit; filling the shell *just* before baking also helps prevent sogginess; sogginess can also be caused from the oven temperature being too low or the time too short.
  • For a flakier upper crust, brush lightly with cold water before popping in the oven; also keep ingredients and dough cold until baked.
  • To prevent the crust from shrinking, avoid stretching the dough as you roll it and avoid stretching it when placed in the pie plate; allowing the pie shell to rest about 30 minutes before baking will also help prevent shrinking.
  • Never shake the flour while placing in the measuring cup; instead, level it with the back of a knife.
  • Toss ingredients with a fork, lightly and quickly, rather than stirring.
  • Don't use too much water; about 1/2 c of iced water to 2 cups of flour.
  • To prevent burning of the crust, try baking the pie in a large paper bag stapled closed, being sure that it doesn't touch any part of the oven; or use an oven- roasting bag.
  • Try rolling some grated cheese into the dough when making an apple pie.
  • Try adding toasted slivered almonds to piecrust that you intend to fill with a cream filling or cherry filling.

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  1. MelodySara
    Best recipe I've ever tried. Very easy to roll out and handle, nice and smooth, and doesn't get tough even though I took the parts I trimmed off my pie, re-rolled it out, and made cut outs to put on top. Turned out great! :)<br/>My search for a great pie crust recipe stops here!
  2. Pony3020
    This was a beautiful crust for savory tarts. Definitely a keeper!
  3. GF BooBoo
    This was super easy to make and turned out great. I used gluten free flour instead since i am a celiac, and the crust turned out nice and flaky.
  4. Kitchen addict
    it is great to see someone use the recipe I grew up using. It has always been the best for me.
  5. Stormshiver
    This crust was tender, flakey and fantastic! I used it to make butter tarts and what a wonderful result! This will be my basic pie crust recipe for always!



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