Banana Blueberry Bread

"A good way to use up those old bananas. I use frozens ones in my breads."
photo by Pam-I-Am photo by Pam-I-Am
photo by Pam-I-Am
photo by Pam-I-Am photo by Pam-I-Am
Ready In:
1hr 11mins
1 loaf




  • Oven temp to 350F.
  • Sift together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt.
  • Stir in oats.
  • To the dry ingredients, add eggs, salad oil and bananas; mix until combined.
  • Distribute blueberries evenly through batter.
  • Turn into greased and floured 8x5" loaf pan.
  • Bake 1 hour 10 min.
  • Cool in pan 10 min.
  • ,remove and cool completely before slicing.
  • Yields: 1 loaf.

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  1. This is a very easy and tasty cake.I am hopeless when it comes to baking but it came out beautifully soft and moist.I added a touch of cinnamon and next time I will also add some walnuts.Thank you for posting this lovely recipe.
  2. Not too sweet, but I topped it off with clear sugar crystals for extra texture and sweetness
  3. This was an exceptional recipe. It took no time at all to prepare. I chose to use fresh bananas and fresh blueberries. I coated the blueberries in about a tablespoonful of flour prior to adding them to the batter. This way it kept the bread from turning purple.<br/>This recipe has been added to my collection and I will be making this loaf again very soon. Thank you, Bliss.
  4. I've made these twice and they are the best. The oatmeal gives them a little more volume and the ingredients list is shorter than others. Better than the higher rated recipes. I increased the sugar to 3/4 cup to make then a little sweeter.
  5. Congrats! Your scrumptious Banana Blueberry Bread was featured on our homepage as the "Recipe of the Day" ! (6/25/11)


  1. AMAZING! This bread super good. I used brown sugar and instead of using the 1/3 cup of oil I put half apple sauce and half of the oil. Thank you so much for the recipe :)
  2. I made (10) muffins with this recipe and took them to work. Everyone loved them! I used frozen blueberries and substituted melted butter for part of the oil. I also added a tsp each of oat bran, wheat germ, and orange zest. Very moist and tasty! Thanks for the recipe.
  3. As usual, I made a few changes to the recipe. I was going to mail this bread, so I figured I would take a step out of the process and bake it in a small cookie tin, lined with aluminum foil, which worked out wonderfully. When it is baked and cooled, you just clip any excess foil from the edges and fit the lid on. This way, it's all ready to travel or give as a gift, sealed airtight. It seems that anywhere from about 2/3 to 3/4 full works well, probably about 2/3 full being ideal. I also replaced some of the sugar in this recipe with honey, which helps to add some "shelf time" to the bread before it spoils. I replaced the oil with cooled melted butter and added a tablespoon or two of sour cream. I think this would also be great with some orange zest added, will be on the agenda for next time. :)


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