Baked Peanut Butter Banana Split (Light)

"This sundae is quick and easy, but sensational! Please note: bananas do not retain their color when baked."
photo by puppitypup photo by puppitypup
photo by puppitypup
Ready In:


  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter, preferably natural
  • 1 banana, unpeeled
  • 14 cup sugar-free vanilla ice cream (or regular low fat)
  • 14 cup low-fat coffee ice cream
  • 2 teaspoons sugar-free chocolate syrup (or regular)
  • 1 teaspoon caramel sauce (optional)
  • 14 cup fat-free whipped topping (ie. whipped cream in a can)


  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
  • Make a deep lengthwise slit in the unpeeled banana, without cutting all the way through. Use your fingers to make an opening where you cut, filling the banana with peanut butter.
  • Wrap in foil, sealing the top to form a sort of “boat”. Bake for 10-15 minutes.
  • Carefully open the foil. Use a knife to cut one of the ends of the peel off. Lift whole banana out in one piece (you will probably need two utensils for this), and place in a serving bowl.
  • Scoop ice creams next to the banana and top all three with syrups and whipped cream. Serve immediately.

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  1. Very delicious! I used Haagen Dazs light coffee and light vanilla ice creams. I did not add the optional caramel sauce. I used real whipped cream (that I whipped up myself -- sorry! :(). Thanks, Maito! Made for PRMR.
  2. What's not to like about this recipe? It's so good! Stuffing the banana with peanut butter added such a really nice taste to the whole thing. I wasn't too crazy about the coffee ice cream with the peanut butter though. It wasn't a huge issue with us, it's just that the vanilla/peanut butter was a much better combo. So next time would just include two scoops of vanilla ice cream.
  3. Super sweet and indulgent, is all I can say! I'm used to "cooking" with bananas (see my grilled pb & banana-wich!) so I didn't mind the browning effect that baking has. I used vegan versions of the ice cream and caramel. Melty and icy and gooey all at the same time- thanks for posting!
  4. Oh dear, this is one that sounded like such a great idea, but the banana turned a dismal grey color and was quite unappealing. The banana I used wasn't overly ripe, so I'm not sure what went wrong. Made for RSC, please see my rating system as I rate tougher than most.



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