Aztec Indian Omelette

"This is a very delicious Omelette that the Aztec use to make :) its probably the best omelette I ever had!"
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  • In skillet, fry onion in bacon grease until tender, add diced hot dogs.
  • Continue frying until browned.
  • Add more bacon grease if needed.
  • Tear up tortillas into bite size pieces and add to skillet.
  • Continue frying until tortillas are pliable.
  • Add more bacon grease if needed.
  • Break eggs over entire mixture and stir everything together until eggs are fried.
  • Note: Do not deviate from recipe. This is a delicacy that originated in the refrigerator, better known as left overs. Pay day was still a ways off.

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  1. My name is David Perez, Meschica/Aztec now residing in Minnesota. This is my original recipe that I submitted on the Native Tech website in 1999 approximately. It was voted among the top five recipes. I am glad to see that many of you enjoy it. Of course Aztecs, did not have hot dogs, refrigerators, paydays and many other modern amenities. I was having a little fun dude, OKAY! Laugh a little will ya? Jeez!
  2. Hey!!! I have fixed something close to this for my kids over the years, and yes, it does help get through in lean days waiting for payday. Depends on whats in the frig as to what the final result will be,the idea is the same and always well received. Disregard any negative comments you may receive, some people just don't have a sence of hummor. Thanks for sharning. Lee
  3. Made this for DH and he loved it! His ancestors could have been 'Aztec', too. ;) I, too, remember the very loooong days between paydays. Thanks for the fun recipe, I mean, Chef! lol
  4. The Aztec's did not have "HOTDOGS" nor did they have refrigerators, and I am quite sure that "payday" was never a week off!


I am Oglala Sioux I am 5'4 123lbs I been cooking since I was a kid with my mother and grand mother...My name Otaktay is sioux it means (one who kills many) I would love to share my recipes with you:) have a great day:)
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