Authentic Spanish Sangria

"I'm sick of getting american sangria that's just wine and grape juice. After two years in Madrid and literally hundreds of bars surveyed throughout the country (in the name of cuisine of course) this is the receta that i've come up with. Since they don't sell caserra in the US i've got a good substitute. mucha mierda Note: These measurements are VERY general. I always make it to taste and I'd advise you to do the same."
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  • Note: Because of the large volume I suggest making this in batches. This is one reason for the vagueness of the measurements.
  • Mix the wine with 3/4 cup sugar. Set rest of sugar to the side.
  • Add Liquors and stir.
  • Slowly add 1/2 ltr lime seltzer and stir.
  • Taste now and add any ingredients to taste. There SHOULD be a bit of a liquor bite to it, but it should NOT be overpowering. Likewise it should be sweet but not send you into a diabetic coma. It should also have a decent fizz to it, if it's too thick, add seltzer. Just experement.
  • Once you've got the taste you want, add the slices of fruit. I've found that the sangria i get in America tends to be loaded down with fruit. Remember that it's more of a garnish and only adds a bit of flavor. If you need a ton of fruit to get the desired flavor, you haven't got the right mixture.
  • Have fun experementing, and enjoy it. It's perfect for summer days and bbqs.
  • For another great (and much simpler) spanish drink check out my recipe for Tinto de Verano.
  • Chau.

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  1. Absolutely the best sangria I have ever had. Great flavor, not too sweet. And SO easy to make.
  2. Wonderful sangria recipe! Thank you, Parisucks, for posting. I followed your recipe to a T and served it with a variety of tapas at book club last night. Everyone loved it. Gracias!
  3. Perfect! Just like in Spain! We live in England so we have what they call 'lemonade' but it's more like sprite/7up, just not quite! I used lime flavoured 'lemonade' instead of the selter water- couldn't find any in the stores, and also added in a chopped apple as I have never been served Sangria without apple! And as you suggest, no one should waste a good bottle of red wine on Sangria, cheap is good! Thanks for posting!


I've been working in restaraunts and bars since I was fourteen. I grew up in a family of cooks where my father would hand me a spoon and say "keep stirring this roux for the next hour. . . KEEP STIRRING!" and my grandmother had me frying foods at six years old. I spent the last two years in Spain, and for any food lover who's never been, get off your ass.
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