Amber's Down Home Peach Iced Tea

"A yummy classic! Sweet Peach Iced Tea! This tasty, cool, refreshing treat is sure to quench any thirst! Filled with a fresh peach taste, that will remind of you a lazy summer day, long after summers' past! To Serve: Dip the rim of a tall ice tea glass with peach syrup, then dip in granulated sugar! Top it off with a peach slice affixed to the rim, and some ice cubes and Enjoy!"
Amber's Down Home Peach Iced Tea created by Annacia
Ready In:
2hrs 15mins


  • 8 -12 black tea bags, non flavored, tags removed if any
  • 1 (15 ounce) can yellow cling peaches, reserve syrup
  • 1 cup sugar, can substitute artificial sweetener
  • 2 13 quarts water


  • In a 3qt stock pot, combine the tea bags, water and sugar.
  • Brew on med-low heat.
  • Open the canned peaches, and drain the syrup into the pot.
  • Drop in 3-5 peach slices.
  • Reserve the rest of the peaches on the side.
  • Brew the tea to just under a boil.
  • Remove from heat.
  • Strain off the tea bags, but leave the peach slices.
  • Return tea to pot, cover and let sit until tea is room temperature.
  • Place tea into a a pitcher for serving.
  • Refrigerate until chilled.
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  1. brittanymchauvin
    This ended up being much better than I'd expected! I used 8 bags of black tea, and doubled the amount of peach slices (about 10 slices) from a can with heavy syrup. It ended up being rather sweet, which I personally like. If you're not so crazy about sweetness, consider reducing the amount of sugar and using peaches in their juice rather than syrup. I believe adding the amount of slices I did really helps bring out the peach flavor, which I wanted to be rather strong. Overall, I loved this!
  2. Maryland Jim
    Amber's Down Home Peach Iced Tea Created by Maryland Jim
  3. Maryland Jim
    I made this tonight to go with a pork chop dinner that I served my DD, DSIL and DW. I thought it was pretty good but the others weren't so crazy about it. My DW is a plain sweet tea drinker and adding fruit just isn't her cup of tea! But I liked it. Made for PAC 2011.
  4. Annacia
    Amber's Down Home Peach Iced Tea Created by Annacia
  5. Annacia
    Mmmmmm, summer and sweet tea. This has a perfect amount of sweetening and the peachiness (is that a word?) is great. It just makes you want to take that iced pitcher and move out to the porch and put your feet up with a good book. Simple to make and made with things I always have on hand. Pure pleasure.

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